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Detlev Eisinger (Piano)

Born: 1957 - Munich, Germany

The German pianist, Detlev Eisinger gave his first Piano recital at age 13, and he recorded his first LP at age 16. The record included L.v. Beethoven’s Pathetique and Felix Mendelssohn’s Variations serieuses. He completed his studies with professor Erik Then-Bergh at the Hochschule für Musik in Munich “cum laude” in 1980.

Since finishing his studies, Detlev Eisinger has given performances in many European countries as well as overseas. Radio and television appearances as well as his numerous recordings make him a respected performer, who devotes himself fully to the specific piece. For Detlev Eisinger, the ingenuousness of the composition and the intention of the composer is a priority over personal interpretation and perception.

A scholarship brought Detlev Eisinger to the “Cite Internationale des Art” in Paris. He is a welcome guest at many European festivals, for example in Menton, Paris and Montpellier, at the “Kissinger Sommer”, at the Richard-Strauss days in Garmisch and at the Kodaly-Festival in Hungary. In 1990 he played together with Friedrich Gulda at the Philharmonic Hall in Munich at the Munich Piano Summer Festival. As chamber musician and accompanist he was successful in working with Hermann Prey and Kieth Engen. 1992 he became part of the jury of the international Bach piano competition in Saarbrücken. As of late, he celebrated many successes with cyclical performances of the 32 L.v. Beethoven sonatas and the Well-Tempered Clavier by J.S. Bach.

Also recently, he gave his debut in the Philharmonic Hall in Berlin, Palma de Mallorca, Warsaw, Stockholm and in Canada. With a unique kind of performing, Detlev Eisinger received enourmously positive response from his audience: “Gesprächs-Konzerte” or “ conversation concerts”, where the building and structure of a piece of music is being examined as well as the history of the piece. Humouros anectodes and sound samples are used to illustrate the depth of a piece. His mission is to build bridges for the audience to awaken or deepen the interest and love for piano literature.

Detlev Eisinger's recordings include J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) and Well-Tempered Clavier, works by Frédéric Chopin with the Bamberger Symphoniker, piano works by F. Liszt, Scarlatti Sonatas, and various works by L.v. Beethoven, Balakirew and Smetana.

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Source: Calamus Records Website (2003); Detev Eisinger Website
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