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Tzvi Erez (Piano)

Born: 1968 (?) - Israel

The Israeli-born pianist, Tzvi Erez, began to toy with a piano when he was 3 and to study it formally at the age of 6. His musical skills were already well developed when he arrived in Canada as a teenager in 1982. In Toronto he continued his musical education under the tutelage, among others, of Mildred Kenton at The Royal Conservatory of Music. This education was further extended and enriched by his numerous experiences in Canada, the USA, and Europe both as a contestant at piano competitions and as a piano soloist in performance.

Singularity, originality, and a deep understanding of music inform and define the towering musical talent of Tzvi Erez. In January 2000, he began a landmark recording of well-loved selections from L.v. Beethoven’s works for piano - a landmark recording in the sense that it was Tzvi’s first; that the music he played was enhanced by the sound of his own, vintage, 1912 Bösendorfer grand piano; and that, on the release of the CD almost a year later, the recording was accepted and indeed, acclaimed, by the most influential classical radio stations and record stores across Canada. As a follow-up to this release, Tzvi played excerpts from his CD to a sell-out crowd at the Toronto Centre of the Arts (the George Weston Recital Hall) in February 2001. Two months later he returned, with violinist Mirel Resnik, to the same venue and the same enthusiastic reception.

A studio, rather than the concert stage, is Tzvi Erez’ preferred recording venue, because the studio gives him a degree of flexibility denied him on stage to perfect his recordings. Never the-less, he does not shrink from accepting invitations to play to live audiences, including gala fundraising events on behalf of charitable organizations, at which he volunteers his services.

A concert back in March 2002 (a programme of selections from the works of L.v. Beethoven and Frédéric Chopin that Tzvi Erez played to a full house at the Glen Gould Studio) presaged the fulfilment of a long-held ambition: the issue of this digital recording - featuring F. Chopin's most popular nocturnes, impromptus, etudes, waltzes, polonaises, mazurkas, preludes, and ballades - as a tribute to a master for whose music Tzvi has long felt a strong affection, respect, and admiration.

Tzvi Erez acknowledges that his recording “Tzvi Erez plays Chopin” was a challenging task to attempt and that he could not have completed it alone. He is particularly grateful to Andrew Burashko for his advice and careful ear in the early stages of recording, and reserves his special thanks for Antonin Kubalek’s continued perception and support in the later stages. Mildred Kenton he blesses from the bottom of his heart for her guidance in general and, in particular, for introducing him to the delights and challenges of F. Chopin’s Ballade in G Minor that he has added to his list of selections.

Tzvi Erez is a leading advocate of new recording technologies and High Definition imagery. Since the DVD reproduces a true Surround (Dolby Digital 5.1) Sound of the performance and a simultaneous, flowing video image of the performer at his Bösendorfer keyboard, acknowledgements must include the technical sorcerers who melded the magic of multiple media into a single artistic creation. Tzvi recognizes and thanks Fred Kinck Petersen for his great studio facilities, engineering skills, and determination to ’get it right’; George Kolasis for being the best piano technician that Tzvi has ever known; and Gershon Srubiski of SVP Productions for long, taxing hours of arresting camera work. And acknowledgements would be incomplete without reference to a lifetime of love and support from Tzvi’s sister and parents and to Tzvi’s wife Justine and their daughter Kessem who are destined to share their lives with a charismatic genius.

Tzvi Erez started Niv Classical in the year 2000 in memory of his brother Niv Erez z’l. Tzvi has been releasing CDs and DVDs, as well as performing in live concerts. His latest release, “Intimate Recital”, features the music of J.S. Bach, Georg Frideric Handel, W.A. Mozart, F. Chopin, Franz Liszt, Debussy and Satie; a solid example of a true pianistic virtuoso. Another landmark recording is of the Goldberg Variations (BWV 988) by J.S. Bach, attempted by only a few great pianists. He has a large following on YouTube, where currently, he is being viewed by approximately five million users annually. Erez also gives piano instruction, and he is available to help piano students over the internet, as they contact him for advise on an ongoing basis.

Source: Niv Classical Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (June 2011)

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