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Carsten Gerlitz (Choral Conductor)

Born: 1966 - Berlin, Germany

The German choral conductor and arranger, Carsten Gerlitz, studied music at the Berlin HdK and compuer science at the FU. He received his musical training on piano and composition and arrangement, among others, with Clemens Kühn and Heinrich Riethmüller.

Carsten Gerlitz works as an arranger, musician, author and publisher and takes care of text and music productions in his own recording studio. His piano and choir arrangements have been published in more than 140 publications. With his choir, The Happy Disharmonists, which he heads for 23 years, he has released a large number of CD's and has received the Berlin Culture Award BONZO. His publication Pop Ballads has received the 2006 German Music Edition Prize. He was musical director at several SAT.1, ZDF and RTL, has worked as musical director at Berlin's Schlosspark Theater and the Tribüne and arranged and conducted the Berlin Palace show. He was in several musical projects in collaboration with the Stage Entertainment Ltd.. His recent activities include a stint as musical director for the SAT1 production "Star Search".

Carsten Gerlitz arranged for Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester, Reinhard Mey, Ute Lemper, Pepe Lienhard and regularly for the NDR-Orchester, the MDR Sinfonieorchester and the MDR-Kinderchor. He is also active as a regular lecturer in choral conducting.

Schott Musik has published his choir arrangements The Celtic Choirbook, The Lullaby Choirbook and The Christmas Choirbook. Also available is the volume Pop Ballads including easily playable piano arrangements will also be published soon.

Source: Greenland music & Schott Musik Websites, English translation by Aryeh Oron (April 2009)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2009)

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