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Eric Hung (Piano)

Born: Hong Kong

The Canadian pianist and music pedagogue, Eric Hing-tao Hung, was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Toronto, Canada. He received an A.R.C.T. in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, a Bachelor of Art degree with high honors in Music and Social Studies from Wesleyan University, and a Ph.D in Musicology from Stanford University.

Eric Hung enjoys a versatile musical career in the USA and internationally. He is also an active pianist and koto player.As a pianist, he has been featured on Radio Hong Kong and has performed in Germany, Austria, and in numerous cities in North America. As a conductor, he was Director of the University of Montana New Music Ensemble, Principal Conductor of the Wesleyan Wind Ensemble, and Assistant Conductor of the Wesleyan Orchestra. He has also conducted the McKeesport Symphony and ensembles at Stanford University and Scotia Festival. Hung is Executive Director Designate and a member of Gamelan Dharma Swara, the Balinese music-and-dance ensemble based at the Indonesian Consulate in New York City.

Eric Hung has taught musicology and piano at Minnesota State University Moorhead and the University of Montana. Currently he is Associate Professor of Music History and Chinese Studies at Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, New Jerseny. His research focuses on Asian American music, film music and experimental music. In Spring 2011, he was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

Eric Hung is an active musicologist, who specializes in film music and British music and has given numerous research presentations in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, and Taiwan.His most recent article, “Hearing Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Anew: Progressive Rock as ‘Music of Attractions’” was published in Current Musicology.Current projects include a book on the musical portrayals of Asians and Asian-Americans in Hollywood films.

Source: Rider University Website; Bits & pieces from other websites
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Aryeh Oron (May 2013)

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