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Salamon Kamp (Conductor)

Born: October 27, 1958 - Dunapataj, Hungary

The Hungarian conductor and music pedagogue, Salamon Kamp, began his musical training in Harta, studying piano and organ with Salamon Gerényi. In 1977, he graduated from the German-language Secondary School in Baja, where he also continued his organ studies. Starting in 1978, under the direction of Pál Kardos, he studied music theory with Péter Ordasi and piano with László Szegedi in Kecskemét. He continued his education in the Voice, Music, and Folk Studies Department of the Janus Pannonius University in Pécs, simultaneously studying piano in the professional branch of the technical school under Mrs. Stefan Stankov.

In Pécs, Salamon Kamp served as an assistant and vocal part leader in the Mecsek Chorus, the Collegiate Mixed Choir, and the Teacher’s House Chamber Chorus, led by Aurél Tillai. He wrote his thesis on Te Deum and the Te Deum of Budavár by Zoltán Kodály. After earning his diploma in Pécs, he continued his studies at the Franz Liszt Music Academy of Budapest in the conducting department under István Párkai (1983-1987). After earning this second diploma, he sought further training in Prof. Karl Österrreicher’s master-class at the Viennese Music Academy of Vienna. He also undertook assignments teaching music for the Wiener Jeunesse-Chor (led by Günther Theuring) and the Arnold Schoenberg Chor (led by Zoltán Kodály).

Starting in 1988, Salamon Kamp served as assistant and vocal part leader for Hungary’s National Philharmonic State Choir. Later, he became conductor of the Pászti Miklós Chamber Chorus, founded earlier. Since 1987, he has been the conductor of the Lutherania Choir and Orchestra, which performs in the Lutheran Episcopal Church on Deák Square (in the heart of the Budapest). In 1998, he was appointed musical director for the Lutheran Church of Hungary. In 1989, he took part in the International Bach Academy’s conducting class, and afterwards he worked in Stuttgart alongside Prof. Helmuth Rilling, Dean of the Bach Academy in Stuttgart.

In 1990, Salamon Kamp established Budapest Bach Weeks, for which he serves as artistic director to this day. He organized several seminars and master-classes with Helmuth Rilling and Anna Reynolds. He founded and served on the board of the Hungarian Bach Society, which came into existence in 1992. He is currently its president. Between 1990 and 1996, he was artistic leader and conductor for the Debreceni Kodály Kórus (Kodály Chorus of Debrecen).

Salamon Kamp has taught music theory at the Tömörkény István School of the Arts in Szeged; solfeggio at the Nádasdy Kálmán Art School in Budafok; and conducting, vocal literature, and the history of sacred music at the Franz Liszt Music Academy of Budapest. From 1988 to 2006, he lectured on solfeggio, as well as baroque, classical, and romantic sacred music literature, in the department of sacred music at the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest. At this same institution, he earned his DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) degree in 2003.

Currently, Salamon Kamp leads the Conducting, Music Theory, and Choral Faculty in the School of the Arts at the University of Sciences in Pécs (since 2006). With the Pécs Academy Chorus and Symphonic Orchestra, Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, and Budapest Strings Ensemble, he has given a number of singular oratorio concerts not only in Pécs, but in Germany and the Music Academy of Budapest as well.

Awards and Distinctions:

1992 - Artisjus Award
1994 - Béla Bartók - Ditta Pásztory Award
2001 - Budapest’s Capital City Pro Civibus Distinction
2002 - Kölcsey Prize
2004 - Hungarian Heritage Award
2011 - Liszt Prize

Source: István Zadór (January 2012)
Contributed by
István Zadór (January 2012)

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