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Collegium Musicum Luzern (Orchestra & Choir)

Founded: 1982 - Lucerne, Switzerland

Collegium Musicum der Jesuitenkirche Luzern

The institution of the church musical life at the Jesuitenkirche in Lucerne, the Collegium Musicum Luzern, was founded in 1982 by Alois Koch, consists of Chor, Choralschola, Jugendchor, Vokalensemble (Mozart-Ensemble Luzern) and Orchester, and works closely togerther with the University of Lucerne and the Hochschule Luzern (Schola Gregoriana ) together.

Chor (Choir)

The choir is open to all singers, who are delighted in sacred music and have an interest in vocal music and performing it.

Schola Gregoriana

The Choralschola der Jesuitenkirche Luzern consists of stiudents from the Hochschulen Luzern and other qualified singers, and sings regularly Choralämter and Choralvespern at the Jesuitenkirche Luzern.

Luzerner Kantorei

The Luzerner Kantorei, founded in 1992, offers talented and interested children and young people from central Switzerland, under the artistic direction of Eberhard Rex a professional choral and solo vocal training. Besides performing in concert halls and opera (Knabensolisten), the choir maintains the concert choirs of the Luzerner Kantorei as well as the Knaben- resp. Mädchenchor (boys & girls choirs respectively). The Luzerner Kantorei has an intense musical activity and have been working closely since its foundation with the Collegium Musicum der Jesuitenkirche Luzern zusammen (Institution in residence).

Jugendchor (Youth Choir) des Collegium Musicum Luzern/Luzerner Kantorei

The advanced members of the chorus girls and the men voices from the Knabenchor of the Luzerner Kantorei formed the Jugendchor des Collegium Musicum Luzern and act as a building source for church music choirs at the Jesuitenkirche Luzern. They work in various projects with the choir or the orchestra of the Collegium Musicum Luzern.

Orchestra of the Collegium Musicum Luzern

The orchestra of the Collegium Musicum Luzern was founded in 1982 part of church musical life of the city, and works closely with the Musikhochschule Luzern. It consists of professional musicians who are primarily devoted to foster the sacred music (concerts, Lucerne Festival, church events). Under the artistic direction of Alois Koch and guest conductors, the orchestra also performs in concerts in various cities in Switzerland and abroad. The consistent dealing in historical performance practice led the Collegium Musicum since 1996, to use historical instruments, according to the performed works and the choice of the conductor. Collaboration with Andrew Parrott, Simon Standage, Heinz Rellstab, and since 2003 with Brian Dean is of crucial importance.


Source: Collegium Musicum Luzern Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (July 2009)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2009)

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