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Fanny Malnory-Marseillac (Soprano)

Born: 1887
Died: 1979

The French soprano, Fanny Malnory-Marseillac (stage name Madame Malnory-Marseillac), was soloist of the Schola Cantorum and Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire (Concert Society of the Conservatory), performed often in the role of Lénore in Chant de la Cloche by Vincent d'Indy. She formed a trio, Trio vocal de Paris, the singers Marie-Louise Asso and Arlette Taskin (1925). She often sang in concerts with the pianist Déodat de Séverac. Even before World War I, the scientist Jacques Monod (who later won the Nobel Prize for his disovery of the operon) performed J.S. Bachs Christmat Oratorio (BWV 248) at Salle Gaveau, the most important concert hall in Paris at that time, with a pick-up ensemble, named by Monod as La Cantate. They hired the best musicians and soloists, including the French soprano Madame Malnory-Marseillac and the Swiss tenor Hugues Cuénod. The concert-goers responded warmly and the journals gave them rave reviews.

Fanny Malnory married in 1914 to Joseph Marseillac, organist, pianist (and cellist), also trained at the Schola Cantorum and often sang together in the piano work of Déodat Séverac.

Madame Malnory-Marseillac was admired in France and several composers dedicated musical works to her: Ermend Bonnal (1880-1944): Chansons, n3 : L'eau courante (1938); Marcel Labey (1875-1968): Deux sonnets de Louis Labé, Op. 45 (1943); Achille Philip (1878-1959): Ave Maria (1902); Émile Riadis (1888?-1935): La fiancée de l'ombre (poésie et musique de l'auteur) (1913), Cinq chansons macédoniennes (n4) (1914); J. Guy Ropartz (1864-1955): Les Vêpres sonnent (1927).

Her recordings include: The Requiem of Gabriel Fauré with Chœur & Orchestre de la Société Bach (of Paris) conducted by Gustave Bret, Louis Morturier (bass), and Alexandre Cellier (organ) (Victrola W-1154/1158 5 x 78 rpm, 1930). She also recorded in French several arias of J.S. Bach, songs of Gabriel Fauré, Jules Massenet, Henri Duparc and Etzilbert, and aria of George Frideric Handel.

Source: Fanny Malnory Marseillac - Cantatrice Française Blog (Authors: Manuel Cornejo & Dimitra Diamantopoulou-Cornejo, 2009-2010), English translation by Aryeh Oron (September 2010); Souvenirs: Around the World in Ninety Years by Zoltan Ovary, p. 56; Bits & pieces from other sources
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (September 2010)

Fanny Malnory-Marseillac: Short Biography | Recordings of Vocal Works under her name

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