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Oscar Milani (Harpsichord, Arranger)

Born: November 24, 1946 - Rosario, Argentina

The Argentinean harpsichordist, Oscar Milani, he studied medicine and music in Rosario. After obtaining a grant from the Bariloche Foundation, he went to Buenos Aires to specialize; harpsichord, chamber music, and interpretation on early keyboard instruments. His activities as a soloist and chamber musician with the Camerata Bariloche took him to several countries of South America and also to Europe. In his quest for authenticity he built one of his country’s first harpsichords based on historical models (Baffo of 1574), which has met with great acclaim from the European press. Claudio Di Veroli was a great help. A German State grant (DAAD) enabled him to continue his studies in Europe, first with Kenneth Gilbert in Stuttgart, then in courses with Marinette Extermann, Johann Sonnleitner, Colin Tilney and Bob van Asperen.

In 1982 Oscar Milani helped to organize southern Germany’s first classes in early music, which were taught by some of the most prominent artists of the moment. He then devoted himself to the teaching of young people as part of the AMJ, and for more than ten years, with his friend and compatriot Gabriel Garrido (Elyma Ensemble), he took part in the early music classes, attended by students from all over Europe, at Neuburg an der Donau.

Oscar Milani has been teaching harpsichord, chamber music and continuo at the Hochschule in Nuremberg since 1981 and at the Fachakademie für Kirchenmusik in Bayreuth since 1993. As a performer he is also interested in works of the present day and he has recorded works by Hugo Distler and Frank Martin. He has appeared at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, the Semperoper in Dresden, the Liederhalle in Stuttgart, the Salle Cortot in Paris, the Konzertsaal of the Meistersinger Conservatorium and Meistersingerhalle, the Martha Kirche in Nuremberg and at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.

Oscar Milani has made recordings for the ORF and Picks Records. Last year came out a CD with Sonatas for harpsichord of the famous Padre Martini of Bologna.

Duo Raskin-Milani

Oscar Milani and Mario Raskin are lifelong compañeros. Each year for the past twenty years or so, they have come together to play harpsichord duet at festivals in France, Germany, Holland, etc. Performances in Paris: Grand Palais - at the Musicora Festival, Salle Cortot, Théâtre National de la Colline,Maison d’Amérique Latine, Hôtel Thiers. in France: "Le Mai du Clavecin" (Chartres), Théâtre de Montreuil-sur-Mer "Clavecin en Artois", Festival de Pont-Labbé (Bretagne) , Festival de Loire-Forez, Oppède-Le-Vieux ,Musique de Chambre en Ardeche, Saison musicale de Montsoreau. Others: Schloss Leitheim, Schloss Schillingsfuerst,Festival Het Clavecimbel (Amsterdam), Klosterkirche Pfullingen, Odeon Sindelfingen, Martha Kirche, Meistersinger Konservatorium Nuremberg, Hochschule fur Kirchenmusik, Bayreuth.

The CD with Tangos for 2 Harpsichords, which came out 1990, has brought the Duo many outstanding reviews, last not least because of the amazing musical gallantry and the south American spirit of the two interpreters. Who could have been more suitable for the transcriptions of Astor Piazzolla’s- tangos, -who died in July 1992 than the two harpsichordists who were born and have grown up in Argentine and now make successfully propaganda of their native country in their adopted countries: Germany and France. In 1999 two CD-productions were recorded with compositions of Astor Piazzolla and J,S. Bach. The J.S.Bach CD with original works and original Transcriptions of the Orchestral Suites Nº1 and Nº2 and Brandenburg Concert Nº 6 came out 2001 and become also successful reviews. Last year came out Piazzolla's Vol.II.

Source: Oscar Milani Website
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Aryeh Oron (September 2011)

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