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Christian Möbius (Conductor)

Born: 1963 - Cottbus, Germany

The German conductor, Christian Möbius, received early a solid musical education as a member of the Dresdner Kreuzchor. At the Musikhochschule "Carl Maria von Weber" in Dresden, he studied choral and orchestral conducting, singing, piano, music criticism, musicology and pedagogy. Already during his studies he made extensive choral and orchestral work in Dresden and founded several ensembles.

In 1987, Christian Möbius was engaged as a musical director at the Theater der Bergarbeiter Senftenberg with a multifaceted program, which included the musical direction of opera productions to the symphony concert. In addition to theatre work, he led the traditional choir of Bergarbeiter Brieske/Senftenberg and won with them in 1988, after only a four-month rehearsal period, a gold medal at the Festival of the GDR workers in Frankfurt (Oder).

Since the beginning of the 1991-1992 season, Christian Möbius operates as conductor and choral director at the Staatstheater Cottbus. As a choir director, he has the artistic responsibility for the opera chorus and is involved in the design and the success of almost all operas, operettas and musicals listed at the Staatstheater.

From the beginning of his engagement as the musical director of choral concerts, Christian Möbius has also increased steadily the range of his tasks over the years. So he was the musical director of a number of musical theatre productions, such as My Fair Lady, Die Lustige Witwe or Opernchöre à la carte.

As in Dresden and Senftenberg, Christian Möbius felt in Cottbus also committed to creative involvement of musical amateurs in the musical life and took over from the beginning of his theatrical engagements also the artistic direction of the Singakademie Cottbus.

In 1992, Christian Möbius founded the Bach Consort Cottbus. This ensemble is devoted mainly to Baroque music on period instruments. In co-operation of Bach Consort and Chamber Choir of Singakademie Cottbus, he has developed a new, more historically oriented performance tradition of works of the Baroque in Brandenburg. This is also the focus of his work with the Chamber Choir.

With choral-symphonic works with his two choirs, Christian Möbius has reached a fascinating musical spectrum, and thus has very different audiences, both in the concert hall as well as outside. His merits include the artistic attention to such modern choral works at the Lausitz, beginning with Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem in 1999, and temporarily ending with Mass by Leonard Bernstein in June 2007. If the Singakademie Cottbus is firmly established today in the musical life of the region, it is mainly due to the imaginative and dedicated work of Christian Möbius.

Source: Singakademie Cottbus Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (May 2009)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (May 2009)

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