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Erling Møldrup (Guitar)

Born: 1943 - Denmark

The Danish guitarist, Erling Møldrup, is professor of guitar at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, where he trained under one of the Danish pioneers, Jytte Gorki Schmidt. He received his diploma in 1972, studied further with Milan Zelenka in Prague, and attended short classes held by Walter Gerwig, Karl Scheit and Konrad Ragossnig.

Erling Møldrup is active as soloist and chamber musician and has appeared as soloist with various orchestras in scandinavia. As guest teacher, lecturer, soloist and member of various ensembles he has toured most West European countries, East Europe, South America, Korea and the USA. Since his recording debut in 1975, He has made a large number of recordings. LP's, music casettes and since the late 1980's a half a dozen CD's, the most important of which are a complete recording of J.S. Bachs lute/guitar works, Per Nørgårds so far complete guitar works and a CD with six of Denmark´s most important composers to day.

Erling Møldrup's repertoire spans all genres: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, well known and more or less unknown music from the "Segovia-repertoire" and not least the modern music, in which since the end of the 1960's has has had a parallel and creative collaboration with leading Danish and foreign composers of new works for his instrument. In this connection, he has given the first performance of, and recorded works by Per Nørgård, Ib Nørholm, Hans Gefors, Karl Åge Rasmussen, Poul Ruders, Axel Borup-Jørgensen, Tage Nielsen, Finn Savery, Erik Bach, Ole Buck, John Frandsen, Svend Nielsen, Hilding Hallnäs, Jarmil Burghauser and many others. Over the past 20 years, Erling Møldrup has researched the history of the guitar in Denmark and on this subject has written the book Guitaren, et eksotisk instrument i den danske musik "The Guitar, an exotic instrument in Danish music", as well as articles for Danish and foreign music magazines.

In addition to giving lectures and solo recitals, Erling Møldrup also gives duo recitals as part of the following duo combinations: Singer and Guitar: Birgitte Frieboe, Ellen Lunde, Edith Guillaume, Lars Thodberg Bertelsen; Cello and Guitar: Morten Zeuthen, Toke Møldrup; Oboe and Guitar: Signe Møldrup, Frederik Gislinge; Flute and Guitar: Thomas Jensen.

Source: Erling Møldrup Website
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Aryeh Oron (June 2008)

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