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Ludovica Mosca (Piano)

Born: Paris, France

The pianist and artist, Ludovica Mosca, was born in Paris from Italian parents. She has studied music, dance and fine arts. She studied piano at the Conservatorio Superior del Liceo of Barcelona with G.Garganta and lately with P.Vallribera and E.Casals. She moved to Antwerpen (Belgium) to study with Frédéric Gevers at the Royal Music Conservatory winning a First Prize. She follow her studies in Paris with A. Motard and several courses with Jörg Demus, Jos van Immerseel, Rosalyn Tureck, Jordi Savall, G. Hadjinikos, Sergiu Celibidache and Hans Zender. She also studied guitar with G. Tarragó and conducting with A. Ros-Marbá.

Acclaimed by critic and public Ludovica Mosca performs and teaches around Spain, Europe, USA and Latin-America. Her repertoire goes from the old masters of the 17th Century to the contemporary composers. She performed the premiere in Spain of the Sonata by Elliot Carter and For Christian Wolf by Morton Feldman as well as many works by spanish composers. She gives courses about Bach, Haydn, Contemporary music, Improvisation, Piano pedagogy, Musical memory, Relaxation, Baroque dance for musicians and Castanets.

She has broadcast for Radio Nacional de España, Belgium Television, TV3 de Catalunya and has recorded many CD with piano as well as castanets.

Among her Prizes we mention the International Prize Alex de Vries (Belgium) for her performance of the Rhapsody in Blue by G. Gershwin with The Filharmonic Orchestra of Antwerp.The International 3rd Prize Maria Canals (Duo LLinares-Mosca), the First Prize at the International Yamaha Competition (Klavier Quartett de Barcelona).

From 1991 together with the jazz pianist Manel Camp she made the Contrast-Duo with whom has recorded four CD and from 2003 she follows it with the jazz pianist Francesc Capella. She also works regularly with the cellist Iñaki Etxepare, with whom has recorded the "Violoncello Castañolero" (Cello & Castanets) CD.

Ludovica Mosca is member of the Faculty from the Luthier School, Juan Pedro Carrero School and the Piano teachers Seminary of the Artmusic school in Barcelona as well of the Sitges Contemporary Music Course, from 2007 in Terrassa. From 2003 she is also musical instrument coordinator of the Institut Llongueres de Barcelona. She is member of the jury in several competitions in Spain, France and the USA.

Author of the New Boileau-Urtext edition of the klavier works by J.S. Bach and the "25 Pieces by W.A.Mozart " as well as the "Six Sonates" by N. Casanoves for the Montserrat Abbey Publications. Ludovica Mosca has work periodically with the renowed musicologist H.C. Robbins-Landon about the works of F.J.Haydn and the classical period and had the opportunity to play on a pianoforte that was from Haydn himself.

Ludovica Mosca started her training in dance and music at age of 3 at the Artes del Ritmo School in Barcelona. Later she enter at the Rosario Contreras School of Dance and she studied Ballet, Classical Spanish Dance, Regional Dances and Flamenco. She also work Contemporary Dance with Barbara Blockehurst, Corporal Expression with Joan Font (director of Comediants), Spanish Dance with Carmen Contreras, Rythmic Dance with Mª Rosa García and Flokloric Dances of the World with Hanja Ehler. In 1994 she beguins her studies of Baroque Dance with Teresa Alvés with whom she still works actually. Regularly she attends special courses about Historical Dance with Mª José Ruiz Mayordomo and she received lessons from the dancer José de Udaeta.

Ludovica Mosca teaches castanets at the Luthier School and Juan Pedro Carrero School in Barcelona, and gives courses about castanets and Introduction to the Baroque Dance for Musicians in several Conservatories around Spain and also at the Juilliard School in New York,the University of Chiapas, Centro Cedros-Universudad Panaméricana in Mexico D.F.and the Music and Dance Academie of Bonn. She is also a teacher of Baroque dance in Nuria Ventura's company and dance school.

Ludovica Mosca makes Duo with the cellist Iñaki Etxepare with whom she has recorded a CD with works by Bach, Boccherini, Cassadó, as well as three pieces written especially for cello and castanets by E.Mateu, A. Adiego and J. Sansa. From 2003 she is member of the Almodis Ensemble; they have performed in Spain, New York and Miami and they have made the recording of the Integral of the Quintets for guitar and string quartett by L. Boccherini for the label Columna Música. In the beginning of 2004 she did the creation of the Bolero by Emilio Mateu at the High Conservatory of Madrid. In June 2005 she played in the Real Monasterio del Escorial with Symphony Orquestra and Harps at the opening of the International Harp Festival directed by the harpist Mª Rosa Calvo Manzano. In september 2007, she was invited to perform in the final concert and to give a master-class in the IV Antique Music Course conducted by José Vázquez (viola da gamba).

Ludovica Mosca has performed with Joza Vlahovich Choir from Zagreb, Coral Catalunya, the guitarists Jaume Torrent and Sergi Vicente, the Orquestra de Guitarras de Barcelona, the violinist Manuel Guillén, the alto Emilio Mateu, the harpist Mª Rosa Calvo Manzano, the pianists Gennady Dzubenko and Ana Guijarro and the flutists Vicente Martinez father and son, and Jordi Palau.


Source: Ludovica Mosca Website
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