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Nordic Chamber Choir
Chamber Choir of Europe (Chamber Choir)

Founded: 1997 - Lübeck, Germany

Nordic Chamber Choir

The Nordic Chamber Choir (= NOCC) is a young choir, founded in Lübeck in 1997 by Hanno Kreft. The choir consists of a carefully chosen group of young international singers, and works in changing groupings, that are selected as required for the respective project. The ensemble is leaded by different conductors and composers to become acquainted with new experiences and types of interpretation.

The NOCC`s aim is not only the interpretation of well-known works but also of rarely heared pieces, this in order to enrich the cultural scene and to promote cultural vitality.

In the late 1990’s the ensemble gave several concerts in all Germany. In September 1998 the choir under the artistic conductor Nicol Matt produced its first CD: The Petite Messe solennelle from G. Rossini in a unique version with accordion (Hugo Noth). Furthermore the ensemble gave concerts with Montserrat Caballé, Montserrat Martí and the Brandenburgic Philharmonic under the direction of José Collado. In spring of 1999 a solist group of the NOCC joint by the Wiesbaden boy choir toured with its concert program through the Netherlands. In the summer of the same year several concerts were given in Southern Germany, among other things one in cooperation with the Japan Hachiro Aoki choir from Tokyo. A further concert in the Schwarzacher cathedral was recorded by the Südwestfunk and broadcasted in November 1999.

For Bayer-Records the NOCC recorded a CD of all Bach-chorales in September 1999. At the beginning of 2000 the young ensemble got the chance of a cooperation with the famous American composer Morten Lauridsen, who received already different prices for his choir works. In presence and under active participation of the composer (he took over the piano part) concerts in Limburg and Würzburg were given (recorded by the Bavarian broadcast) and a CD with his works was recorded. This recording is the first of his works in Europe and meanwhile available. In the autumn of 2000 a CD was produced in cooperation with the British composer John Rutter. The production took place as usual in Achern, where John Rutter visited the choir for few days. Concerts were on October 13 in Würzburg, October 14 in Kassel and October 15 in Wiesbaden.

Chamber Choir of Europe

In April 2002 the choir changed its name to Chamber Choir of Europe (= CCE) to reflect its international character; the young and professionally trained singers of the CCE come from ten different countries in Europe, and rehearse regularly in Southern Germany.

The repertoire of the CCE encompasses a stylistically and historically large spectrum that extends from the Renaissance, through the Romantic period and further into the 21st Century. Working with contemporary European and American composers is an important focus of the choir’s work. Artistic diversity and outstanding musical interpretations are the hallmarks of the CCE, which can be clearly heard in their numerous CD recordings.

The ensemble has already recorded the complete sacred choral works of Mozart and Felix Mendelssohn, the complete Bach chorales, the Petite Messe Solennelle by Rossini, and numerous a cappella compositions by Morten Lauridsen, John Rutter and Bob Chilcott, all of which have sold more than a million copies worldwide.

Source: Nordic Chamber Choir Website (March 2001); Chamber Choir of Europe Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (August 2001, September 2010)

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