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Shin-ichiro Nakano (Harpsichord)

Born: March 20, 1964 - Kyoto, Japan

The Japanese harpsichordist, Shin-ichiro [Shin'ichiro, Shinichiro] Nakano, graduated from the department of musical performance of Toho Gakuen University in Tokyo (majoring in Baroque instruments). He challenged the unique trial of changing the way of tuning method according to the different period, style and area of each one of musical pieces that he played at the Four-Night-Serial Recital in 1990. It leads him to win in 1991 the Osaka Culture Golden Award and many other brilliant prizes.

In July 1991, Shin-ichiro Nakano performed at the Couperin cycle of the Versailles Baroque Festival in France, where he was chosen as one of the best 9 cembalists in the world together with the top European cembalists such as Kenneth Gilbert and Bob van Asperen. In 1991 he also appeared I London on the stage as a soloist and a duo-player with Simon Standage (violin) and his performance was broadcasted with its recording. In June 1992, he was invited to perform at Berkeley Baroque Music Festival in California, USA as the youngest soloist. In 1993, he made his Wigmore Hall debut in London and was exactly appraised: He has a rare personality for a Japanese player. In 1994 in Tokyo, he gave Three-Night-Serial Recital for the Harpsichord Story, and his rich musical expression and the ability of management of that program were highly evaluated.

Thereafter Shin-ichiro Nakano has been performing very actively at major halls all over Japan giving solo concerts, playing in ensembles, and also collaborating with many distinguished foreign artists. These performances have establishing his constant reputation to be the representing Japanese harpsichord player. His repertory ranges almost all cembalo music of the Baroque era, and when he gives his solo recitals he performs in a very lofty, elegant style with the presence of a "Superstar" harpsicordist. At present, he is the solo harpsicordist of Telemann Institute Japan and director of Collegium Musicum Telemann.

Shin-ichiro Nakano has received numerous awards, including the Osaka Culture Festival Gold Award (1991), the Muramatsu Award (1992), the Kansai Artists Award - Silver Award (1992), the National Arts Festival New Artist Award (1996), and the National Arts Festival Grand Prize (2004). In many Japanese leading newspapers, he has been getting good reviews from distinguished music critics such as: His playing is very flexible and free with exquisite improvisation./When he plays, the time of "moments musical" passes quite naturally. The young musician himself doesn't seem to care so much but he surely is an accomplished harpsicordist whom Japan is really proud of.

Source: Shin'ichiro Nakano Website; NEC Navigates Website
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Aryeh Oron (November 2006)

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