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NeoBarock (Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 2003 - Germany

NeoBarock with its mesmerizing interpretations that combine passion, perfection, and virtuosity with solid conceptual musicological scholarship ranks among the most innovative chamber music groups; they have quickly become an internationally recognized top ensemble of the new generation. In addition to their breathtaking musical ardour, fascinating ensemble playing, and tonal homogeneity and intensity, the dramaturgical stringency and exclusiveness of their programs is noted; this makes their concerts unique and incomparable. The press writes: “NeoBarock has demonstrated excellent artistic interpretations for years - one has to approve of them” (Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten), “knowledgeable in style and fantastic” (St. Galler Tagblatt), “with a symbiosis between an interpretation based on scholarship and brilliant and lively playing, NeoBarock has established itself as a group of the first magnitude in the concert world” (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

The name NeoBarock is also the musicians’ motto: Baroque means more to them then “only” castles and gardens restored in the original style, more than an original text edition or rules for performance practice. The heritage of this period should not only be tended but filled with life. NeoBarock presents “Baroque music, freed from the dust of the antiquated, and extremely exciting” (Salzburger Volkszeitung), and moves today’s listener anew with yesterday’s music.

NeoBarock is an acclaimed performer on the European concert stage and has been invited to renowned festivals, such as the European Music Festival in Stuttgart, the Audi ArtExperience Summer Concerts, the Festival Middle Europe, the Neue Bachgesellschaft: Bachfest, the Bachwoche Ansbach, the Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt, the Festival Musica Antiqua in Seville or the Portuguese Festival Ibérico de Música. Radio productions and live concerts are regularly transmitted by national and international broadcasting corporations. Following their debut album “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: An encounter with Handel and Bach” produced for Mozart’s 250th birthday, which was highly praised for its “vivid and fresh” interpretation with “amazing live qualities” (WDR 3), and the second album published in 2007 under the title “Johann Sebastian Bach: Chamber Music from his own and others’ pen” and praised as “a new CD well worth listening to!” (Süddeutsche Zeitung), in the spring of 2009 the world premier recording of chamber music by Johann Philipp Kirnberger was published under the ambitus label too.

Members of NeoBarock:

Originial Ensemble (2006-2007): Volker Möller (Violin); Maren Ries (Violin); Claudia Steeb-Engelsmann, (Viola); Ariane Spiegel (Violoncello); Gregor Hollmann (Harpsichord)
Current Ensemble (2010): Volker Möller (Violin); Maren Ries (Violin); Ariane Spiegel (Violoncello); Fritz Siebert (Harpsichord)

Source: NeoBarock Website (Photos: Karin Engels)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (September 2010)

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