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Diego Sánchez Haase (Conductor, Composer, Piano, Harpsichord)

Born: May 18, 1970 - Villarrica, Paraguay

The Paraguayan conductor, composer, pianist and harpsichordist. Diego Sánchez Haase, He carried out his basic musical education under the guidance of Ana María Barrios de Fariña, Elba O. de Mussi and Balbina Salcedo Milleres, obtaining the title "Profesor Superior" of Piano; with comments such as "Outstanding, with Exceptional Merits" and he has studied Music Theory, Composition and Orchestral Conducting with Nicolas Ayala Casco and Florentín Giménez. Since 1989, he has sustained a very prolonged period of travels for improvement, in Europe and America, studying Orchestral Conducting, Piano and Harpischord in Germany, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain and USA, with world famous Maestros like Helmuth Rilling, Armin Thalheim, Mario Benzecry, Albert Juliá, Thomas Sommerville, and others. In the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart, Germany, he specialized in the music of J.S. Bach, with the noted German Maestro Helmuth Rilling. In 1998 he was awarded First Prize, after a unanimous decision, in the "Second Latin-American Conducting Contest", Mendoza, Argentina.

Diego Sánchez Haase is considered as the most brilliant, complete and versatile figure in the new generation of the classical music of Paraguay. As a conductor, composer, harpsichordist and pianist he has performed on the most important stages of Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Uruguay, Chile, Spain, USA, Italy, Germany, England, New Zeland, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Korea.

Since his return from Germany, in 1993, Diego Sánchez Haase has worked intensely in the diffusion of J.S. Bach's music in Paraguay, conducting the premiere performances in Paraguay of several works of this composer, like the Saint John Passion (BWV 245), Magnificat (BWV 243), Six Brandenburg Concertos (BWV 1046-1051), Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248), Easter Oratorio (BWV 249), etc.. In 2008 he founded the Bach Society of Paraguay (Sociedad Bach del Paraguay), of which he is currently President and Artistic Director. With the artistic members of the Bach Society of Paraguay (the Bach Collegium Asunción) he performed many Cantatas and also instrumental pieces of J.S. Bach and others Baroque composers.

In 2005 Diego Sánchez Haase obtained the position of Music Director and Conductor of the Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra, USA, becoming this way in the first Paraguayan conductor of a foreign symphony orchestra. From 2001 to 2012 he was Music Director and Conductor of the Orquesta de la Universidad del Norte, Asuncion, Paraguay. In March 2012 he obtained the position of Music Director and Conductor of the Orquesta Sinfonica del Congreso Nacional del Paraguay. In January 2012 he founded the Ensamble de Msica Antigua (Ensemble of Ancient Music) de la Universidad Nacional de Villarrica. In July 2014 he obtained the position of Director of the "Casa Bicentenario de la Música", in Asunción.

In October of 2002 Diego Sánchez Haase presented his book The Music in Paraguay (History and Analysis), and in August 2004 another of his books was published: The Work of J.S. Bach in the musical education of Paraguay, becoming the first study by a Paraguayan author about the keyboard works of J.S. Bach. Recently a new book from him was published: Carlos Lara Bareiro. Apóstol de la música y de la dignidad. He is also the author of several articles published in Paraguayan magazines, books and newspapers.

Honors & Awards

His musical work has been recognized by several institutions, obtaining many awards such as:
"Outstanding Young man Award" 1992 (Cámara Junior de Asunción).
"Radio Curupayty" Music Award 1993 (Radio Curupayty).
"Amigos del Arte" Music Award 1995 ("Amigos del Arte" Association, Asunción.
Nominated amongst the "Fifty Paraguayans of the Year 2000".
"Great Award Oscar Trinidad" (2006).
Named "Outstanding Son of the City of Villarrica" by the Municipal Council of that city.
Has been distinguished by the Government of the Fourth Department of Guairá.
National Award for Music 2003, granted by the National Parliament.
"Gold Medal Jos Asuncin Flores 2004", granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay.
Has earned a place in "The walk of Fame" in the city of Asunción.
Award "Maestro del Arte 2012", máximum award granted by the National Congress of Paraguay.
Doctor Honoris Causa by the Universidad Nacional de Villarrica del Espiritu Santo (UNVES).

Source: The Artist (August 2015); Photo 01: Luís Vera; Photo 02: Alba Acosta
Contributed by
Diego Sánchez Haase (August 2015)

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