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Frigyes Sándor (Conductor)

Born: April 24, 1905 - Budapest, Hungary
Died: June 1, 1979 - Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian violinist, conductor and educator, Frigyes Sándor (younger brother of pianist Renée Sándor; husband of cellist Vera Dénes), studied at the Musical College in Budapest by Gyula Mambriny and Imre Waldbauer. From 1926 he was concert master, from 1936 assistant conductor in the Budapest Choral and Orchestra Association. Gradually, he had to abandon instrument playing because of problems with his arm.

In the mid-1930's Frigyes Sándor was already an acclaimed conductor, directing numerous orchestras, such as the Hungarian Women Chamber Orchestra. His main goal was performing works of the baroque era, Haydn and Mozart, and contemporary Hungarian music. He was the first to perform Béla Bartók's Divertimento in Hungary, written in the summer of 1939.

After World War II, Frigyes Sándor taught violin playing and chamber music at the Capitol Musical College and at the National Conservatorium. In 1949, together with Pál Járdányi, Albert Rényi, and Endre Szervánszky, they published the 5-volume Violin Tutor. This was the first time that playing in the pentatone scale, based on Zoltán Kodály's works and Hungarian folk songs, was put forward for elementary education. Still in this year, he was appointed director of the newly established Bartók Béla Musical School.

During this period, Frigyes Sándor was also active as a conductor: he performed often with the school's choir and orchestra. Between 1958 and 1975 he taught chamber music at the Budapest Musical College. In 1963 he founded the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra of his students. He remained artistic director of the orchestra right until his death.

His publications: Violin Studies (Kayser); Mihály Hajdu: 8 Studies for Youth String Orchestras (together with Ottó Till); Dances and Trio Sonatas from the XVII. Century (together with Olivér Nagy); János Decsényi: 15 Studies for Youth String Orchestras (together with Ottó Till); István Szelényi: 8 Small Duettes and Sonatina for 2 Violins; Tartini: 3 Sonatas for Violin and Piano; Musical Education in Hungary (editor, Budapest 1964).

Source: BMC Hungary Website, English translation by Pal Domokos (December 2006)
Contributed by
Willem van Erk (December 2006 - Photo); Johannes Honigmann (December 2006)

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