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Siegried Schmidgall (Choral Conductor, Organ)

Born: Germany

The German choral conductor, organist, church musician and music teacher, Siegfried Schmidgall, studied church music at the Evangelischen Hochschule für Kirchenmusik in Esslingen. One focus of his studies was in choral conducting with Professor Werner Schrade. In addition he completed several courses in conducting, among others, with Professor.Helmuth Rilling. In 2003, he finished with diploma the postgraduate course for Popular Music with Michael Schütz at the Hochschule für Kirchenmusik in Tübingen.

Already in 1978, Siegfried Schmidgall, began his activity as conductor of church choirs. After studying church music and an assistant at KMD Lothar Friedrich in Künzelsau, he was appointed in September 1992 as school kantor and music teacher at the Evang. Internatsschule Schloss Gaienhofen am Bodensee. His areas of expertise include, in addition to the duties of a music teacher, musical performance of religious services, school concerts and other school events as well as the management of the two school choirs

As a brass player, Siegfried Schmidgall founded in 1986 the Auenwald-Brass-Quintett and in 1990 the Auenwald-Brass-Ensemble, which can be heard under his direction with several large brass concerts in southern Germany.

Since 1992, Siegfried Schmidgall is Musical Director of the Vokalensembles Gaienhofen, which he co-founded. Since 1993 he has been conductor of the Männer-Gesang-Verein 1859 e.V. Singen, since 2005, he also directs the Frauenchor Singen and the Männerchor Konkordia Singen e.V., which perform together with the MGV Singen as Chorgemeinschaft (community choir).

The Klassische Philharmonie Gaienhofen was created in 1997 by his initiative. To date, Siegfried Schmidgall directs this projekt-Orchestra with great success. Ambitious musicians from all over Baden-Württemberg make music under this name, depending on the concert programme, as a small ensemble, as a Baroque orchestra or as a large symphony orchestra.

In 1998, Siegfried Schmidgall was invited to a concert tour in the USA, where he performed as an organist and trombonist in 9 concerts. In numerous concerts in Baden- Württemberg, he was at the organ or on the trombone as a virtuoso soloist, as well as as a companion of vocal and instrumental soloists. At the New Year reception in 2012 he was awarded the honor Gemeinde Gaienhofen.

Source: Vokalensemble Gaienhofen e.V. Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (January 2014)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (January 2014)

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