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Elena Sorokina (Piano)

Born: 1940 - Moscow, Russia

The Russian pianist, teacher, Historian and musicologist, Elena was in a family of scientists. In 1963 she finished with distinction the Theory of Music and Composition faculty (with A. Kandinsky) and two years later in 1964 - the Piano faculty (with I. Klyachko) of the Moscow conservatory. She followed postgraduate study at the Department of History of Russian and Soviet music (head A. Kandinsky). In 1977 she defended thesis for the candidate’s degree on a subject: “Problems of development of a piano sonata in Russia” (the Moscow conservatory). She received Doctor of Art Criticism (thesis: “Piano duet. The history of the genre”) from Moscow conservatory in 1990.

Research work of Elena Sorokina is characterized with a wide problematic and a variety of genres. Among the basic fields of her researches is the history of Russian piano music as well as the history of the world literature for piano duet. She is editor-in-chief, composer, author of articles in numerous scholar editions, the organizer and art director of International festivals and conferences at the Moscow conservatory: “Bortnyansky and his time” (2000), “Russian music. Boundaries of history” (2002), “200 years from the date of a birth of M. Glinka” (2004), “60 years’ Memory” (2005).

The performing activity of Elena Sorokina is tightly connected with her research and educational ones. She participated in a number of telecasts on TV and radio. Throughout the years she takes part in the development of a concept and conducting of “Historical concerts”, concerts of the “University of musical culture” (the Moscow conservatory), the “Musical drawing room” (Library for foreign literature) and others.

Starting with 1959 Elena Sorokina taught at the Central music school of the Moscow conservatory, worked also at Moscow Institute for professional improvement of teachers. Since 1965 she works at the Moscow conservatory: in 1991 she became professor of the History of Russian Music Department, in 1992 became the head of this department. She holds there History of Russian Music Chair, manages Music Theory and History Department, teaches chamber music performance and holds Quartet Chair. She was also vice-rector for Science and creative work (2001-2009), head of the History of Russian Music Department, professor; Honored master of arts of Russia (1992); Head of the Problem laboratory of music and music education, tutor of the N. Rubinstein museum; SU-Russian Composers’ Union member (1985); Academician of the International Academy for Creative work.

Elena Sorokina participated in organizing the solemn week dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the Moscow conservatory (2006). She successfully combines her scholar and pedagogical activity with concert performing practice. Since 1960’s she appears as a pianist and musicologist in many cities of Russia, countries of the near abroad, the Western Europe, USA, Canada, Israel, Japan.

Elena Sorokina was a constant member of a piano duet with her late husband Alexander Bakhchiev (1930-2007). This couple has performed together for over 30 years. Early in their career they performed more than a hundred works on the Russian TV program "Chamber Evenings", and they also have appeared on many radio programs. More recently they have appeared internationally in recitals and on juries.This duet has recorded over 40 CD’s and LP’s with sound recording firms of Russia, Germany and Great Britain. It was awarded with a Kodama premium (Japan) «For revival of the genre».

Source: Moscow P.I Tchaikovsky Conservatory Website; Bits & pieces from other sources
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (September 2010)

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