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Weiner-Szász Chamber Symphony
Budapest Chamber Symphony (Chamber Orchestra)

Founded: 1992 - Budapest, Hungary

The Weiner-Szász Chamber Symphony (Weiner-Szász Kamaraszimfónikusok, Budapest Chamber Symphony, The Weiner-Szász Orchestra, BCS) was established in 1992 in order to cultivate the best Hungarian tradition in making chamber music. Its artistic principles are based on the legacy of Leó Weiner and Jozsef Szasz, its standard repertoire on the oeuvre of Béla Bartók, Benjamin Britten, Haydn, W.A. Mozart, Igor Stravinsky, Antonio Vivaldi and Leó Weiner. The BCS gave the Hungarian premiere of several works, ranging from Baroque to contemporary.

It represented Hungary on many occasions, appeared in Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, performed for the King of Spain, and the Emperor of Japan. Hungary’s admission to European Union was officially celebrated by the orchestra’s concerts in Athens and Madrid. BCS opened the Days of Hungarian Culture in Rotterdam, in Venice, and closed the international music week of Europa Musicale in Budapest.

Its media sponsor is Hungarian Radio which regularly broadcasts the orchestra's concerts and recordings, and distributes these via European Broadcasting Union's program exchange. The BCS's recordings were released under the BMC, Echiquier, Gramy, Hungaroton, Mega Records and Tibor Varga Collection labels.

The BCS have worked with such outstanding musicians as Mario Caroli, Peter Csaba, Isabelle Faust, Simone Fontanelli, Kim Kashkashian, Cyprien Katsaris, Andras Keller, Zoltán Kocsis, Alexander Lonquich, Elsbeth Moser, Miklos Perenyi, Jean-Marc Phillips Varjabedian, Victor Pikayzen, Thomas Riebl, Andrea Rost, György Sebők, Janos Starker, Gabor Takacs-Nagy, Sandor Vegh, Cantemus Mixed Choir, Wiener Sängerknaben, Trio Wanderer - Paris.

Its concert activity is directed by an artistic board whose members are: Judit Reger-Szasz - founding president, Imre Rohmann - pianist and conductor (Mozarteum, Salzburg), Spartakus Juniki and Peter Somogyi – leaders, Mihaly Szilagyi - artistic manager.

The BCS is operated by the Weiner-Szasz Foundation, a public benefit organization attracting sponsorship, tender and donation sums. Under its direction the orchestra participates in concert, educational and charity projects.

Currently the orchestra runs two major concert series:
- Haydn’s Name Symphonies, a 30 part series recorded by Hungarian Radio
- Literature Inspired Music, a club concert series

Main Sponsor of the Orchestra: Samsung Electronics Hungarian Co.
Regular Sponsors: Ministry of Culture and Education, National Cultural Fund, City of Budapest, Hungarian Development Bank, Leo Weiner Foundation
Media Sponsor: Hungarian Radio

Members Of The Artistic Board:
Judit Reger-Szasz – founding president
Imre Rohmann – pianist & conductor
Peter Somogyi – orchestra leader
Mihaly Szilagyi – artistic manager

Source: Weiner-Szász Kamaraszimfónikusok Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (May 2012)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Salamon Kamp


BWV 8, BWV 9, BWV 10, BWV 29 [1st], BWV 33, BWV 38, BWV 41, BWV 62 [1st], BWV 78, BWV 80 [2nd], BWV 91, BWV 92, BWV 93, BWV 94, BWV 96, BWV 97, BWV 99, BWV 107 [TV+Audio], BWV 111 [TV], BWV 114 [Video], BWV 115 [Video], BWV 116 [2013], BWV 117 [3rd, 2013]
BWV 232 [1st], BWV 232 [2nd, TV], BWV 232 [3rd], BWV 243 [1st, TV+Audio], BWV 244 [1st], BWV 244 [2nd], BWV 245 [4th, TV], BWV 245 [6th, TV], BWV 245 [7th], BWV 245 [8th] , BWV 248/1-3 [2nd, TV+Audio]

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