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Wiener Konzertchor (Choir)

Founded: 1995 - Vienna, Austria

The Wiener Konzertchor (Vienna Concert Choir) is a special ensemble for contemporary choral music and fastidious music literature of the classical modern era. The Wiener Konzertchor continues the tradition of the most important Austrian choir ensemble for contemporary music, the ORF-Chores (ORF choir), retains in the past decades the compiled qualifications and maintains as only professional concert choir of Austria the fastidious choir music of the beginnings of the 20th century up to the present.

The Wiener Konzertchor was created in 1995 of the members of the former ORF choir as autonomous association, and its members are to be found both among the soloists of the free opera scene and in the choirs of the der Wiener Staatsoper an Wiener Volksoper and their concert combinations. The Wiener Konzertchor continues very often the tradition for many decades of the ORF choir as a specialised ensemble for contemporary music, with numerous public appearances, in co-operation with RSO Vienna.

Among the many important conductors, with whom the Wiener Konzertchor has worked together in recent years, Friedrich Cerha, Michael Gielen, Pinchas Steinberg, Dennis Russell Davies should be mentioned. Premieres of works from the repertoire of the classical modern period, such as Dmitri Shostakovich and Paul Hindemith were performed, as well as premieres and Austrian first performances of composers as Penderecki, Henze and Luciano Berio. In the concerts of the Wiener Konzertchor works from all periods of the opera and the concert have been performed, which led to a co-operation with the Wiener Volksoper.

Apart from the appearances at the Konzerthaus und Musikverein, the Wiener Konzertchor has appeared at the Salzburg Festival, the Festival Zeitfluss, the Biennale in Venice and the Festival des Musiques d`aujourd`hui in Straßburg, also outside of the closer Viennese area.

Source: Wiener Konzertchor Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (April 2005)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2005)

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