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Veronika Winter (Soprano)

Born: Limburg an der Lahn, Germany

The German soprano, Veronika Winter, began her musical career in the Limburg Domchor choir. She then studied musicology and Italian at the University of Erlangen and singing under Norma Lerer in Nuremberg. In 1989 she began formal vocal sudies as a student of Prof. Eva-Maria Molnàr at the Heidelberg-Mannheim High School of Music. She continued her studies in 1991 with Karlheinz Jarius in Frankfurt, and after moving to Köln has continued with Barbara Schlick. To get more involved in her main interest, ancient music, she has visited courses of interpretation by a number of teachers for baroque singing, including Charles Brett.

Veronika Winter is not only pursuing a career as a soloist, but also works with various well-known ensembles in numerous concerts both in Germany and abroad, such as Musika fiata Cologne, the Rheinische Kantorei, the Stuttgart Chamber Choir, Weser-Renassance Bremen, and with the Himlische Cantorey in Hamburg. She continues to work as an ensemble singer as well. Her extensive concert work is mainly dedicated to Baroque music. However, her repertoire also includes music of the classical and romantic periods, as well as the contemporary. She has appeared at various festivals of early music. In June 2004 she participated in a performance of J.S. Bach’s Matthäus-Passion (BWV 244) conducted by Hermann Max at the Israel Festival Jerusalem.

Veronika Winter has participated in many radio and CD recordings.

Source: Liner notes to the album ‘J.S. Bach: Mass in H-Moll’ conducted by Hermann Max (Capriccio, 1993); Marc Aurel Edition Website; Programme notes to a concert of Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 conducted by Hermann Max (Israel Festival 2004 Jerusalem, June 2004); Israel Camerata (September 2006)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (April 2001, June 2004); Tali Karshai (September 2006)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Hans-Christoph Becker-Foss


BWV 232 [1st ], BWV 244 [1st]

Jörg Breiding


BWV 106, BWV 131 [member of Himlische Cantorey], BWV 247

Rainer Johannes Homburg


BWV 245 [2nd recording, 2016]

Gerald Kegelmann


BWV 232, BWV 244

Rudolf Kelber


BWV 246

Françoise Lasserre


BWV 12, BWV 78, BWV 118, BWV 150

Bernward Lohr


BWV 131, BWV 182

Gerald A. Manig


BWV 244

Hermann Max


BWV 195
V-1 (1992):
BWV 232, [1st recording]
V-8 (2011):
BWV 232, [2nd recording]
BWV 244, BWV 245, BWV 248
G.F. Handel: Cantata Armida Abbandonata, HWV 105

Martin Rieker


BWV 232

Michael Schmutte


BWV 245, BWV 248

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