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Valéria Zanini (Piano)

Born: Anápolis, Brazil

The Brazilian pianist, Valéria Zanini, initiated her pianist education in the Conservatory of Music in the Federal University of Goiás. In 1971 she moved to Rio de Janeiro where she studied at the National School of Music as well as the Villa-Lobos Institute. She continued her studies in Chile, where after she moved to Denmark in 1974 and got her diploma from the soloist class of the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. Furthermore she attended various piano master-classes in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden, having teachers such as Nikita Magaloff, Carlo Zecchi and Fausto Zadra. In 1978 she received the Queen Ingrid Price, which led her to a period of specialization in piano technique in Rome.

Valéria Zanini has already given concerts in several countries in Europe as well as in Brazil. In Denmark she has played as a soloist with the greatest Symphony Orchestras, besides having given various recitals in the most important Concert Halls of the country and in cities such as Copenhagen, Odense and Aalborg.

In Brazil Valéria Zanini has played as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Campinas, São Paulo, and the Youth Orchestra of Saint André, apart from having given a large number of concerts in many cities in different states of Brazil, among others Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goias and Brasilia. She is a returning guest at several classical music festivals throughout the country and is known for her master-classes.

Outside of Denmark and Brazil, Valéria Zanini has played all over the world, amongst other places with the Symphony Orchestra of Peru in Lima, and recitals in Portugal, Montenegro, Karlsbad and Pilsen (Czech Republic), Belgrade (Serbia) and New York, USA. She has a very broad repertoire with pieces from the 18th century to contemporary music.

She has broadcasted various works of different Danish composers for the Danish Radio and has received a prize for this divulging work. Her concert in the Nordic Biannual Music Festival received the following review: “Formidable, a strong and expressive pianist work”. Among the innumerable positive reviews also received in Brazil, the following stands out: “….she has an admirable versatile, an almost magic touch, strong and sensitive” Zanini is also famous in Denmark for her pioneering work, introducing classic Brazilian music to the Danish audience.

Valéria Zanini has recorded 5 CD’s, the last one being with works of the Brazilian composer F. Mignone and the Portuguese composer Luiz de Freitas Branco. Her CD with works by the famous Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos received the following review from the greatest Danish newspaper: “Pure piano poetry !” - Politiken. Extract from other reviews: “… she has an admirable versatile, an almost magic touch, strong and sensitive” - ”A great piano player with refined pianist imagination” - Politiken, Denmark; “A rare piano mastery awarded with thunderous applauses”

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