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Jeremiah Bornfield (Composer)

Born: June 15, 1976 - Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

The American composer, Jeremiah Bornfield, began studying music at age 4 with his father in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. By 11 he was touring the nation as a singer in the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus. After studying strings with the Tucson Symphony's principal violinist, Jeremiah decided his talents would be best suited for hardcore gangster rap. After re-evaluating his position within society's legal structure, Bornfield thought it better to become a classical composer. He received his masters degree in composition at Hunter College in January 2009. His principal teachers are Noah Creshevsky, John David Earnest, George Crumb and Shafer Mahoney.

Jeremiah Bornfield is an eclectic composer for arts and media, fluent in many styles and distinct in formal treatments. He has composed symphonic, operatic, electronic, chamber, solo and combinations of works for a variety of young and leading musicians. He has written for and worked with the Attacca and Vox 4 string quartets, Gregg Smith Singers, and the New York Harp Trio. He is currently writing for Metropolis Opera Project.

Since 2005 Jeremiah Bornfield's compositions have been widely performed in New York City at venues such as Lincoln Center, SVA Theater, Galapagos Art Space, Alvin Ailey Center and Tenri Cultural Institute. Some of his work has also been presented at Composer's Voice, International Festival of Electronic Music, Adirondack Festival of American Music, Samuel Dorsky Museum, and various galleries and venues throughout NYC and the Hudson Valley, as well as at National Theater Concert Hall in Taipei.

Source: The Artist (September 2011); Vimeo Website (October 2008); Classical Composers Database
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Jeremiah Bornfield & Aryeh Oron (August 2011)

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