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Robert J. Brownlow (Composer, Arranger)

Born: Le Roy, Minnesota, USA

The American composer, educator and performer, Robert J. Brownlow, holds a BA from Luther College and an MFA and DMA from The University of Iowa.

Robert J. Brownlow has more than fifty compositions to his credit. He has composed works for nearly every genre. His eclectic style is noted for its rhythmic drive and energy, as well as colorful and rich harmonies. It attempts to appeal to a broad audience. His music has been described as “energetic”, “impressive” and “sonorous”. His primary influences range from J.S. Bach, Béla Bartók, jazz and minimalism to film score composers John Williams and John Barry. His music has been played throughout the United States as well as in Germany, France and Puerto Rico.

Before beginning duties in the composition and theory section at the University of Akron School of music in August of 2006 (music theory and composition), Robert J. Brownlow had held full-time teaching positions at Luther College (1994), the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (1994-1999, where he was an Assistant Professor in studio trumpet and conducted brass ensemble) and the University of Central Florida in Orlando (music theory and composition). He has been on composition and theory faculty at the Interlochen Arts Camp each summer since 1999. During his early years of teaching, he was a visiting artist/studio instructor for Cornell College and Mount Mercy College both in Iowa.

As a performer, Robert J. Brownlow has been actively performing as a trumpeter since 1986. He is currently a member of several professional ensembles: The Bach Festival Orchestra (2002-present), Bach Festival Brass Quintet (2001-present), and Interlochen Arts Camp Faculty Brass Ensemble (1999-present). He also serves as a substitute with the Brevard Symphony Orchestra (2000-present), Jacksonville Symphony (2000-present), and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra (1999-present).

In the past he has been a member of Minnesota Sinfonia (1996-1999); Quad-Cities Symphony Orchestra (1992-1994); LaFosse Baroque Ensemble (1992-1994); Dubuque Symphony Orchestra (1990-1993); University of Iowa Music Ensemble (1990-1992); University of Iowa New Music Ensemble (1990-1992); Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra (1989-1994); Cedar Rapids Symphony Brass Quintet and Trio (1989-1994); La Crosse Symphony Orchestra (1986); soloist for University of Iowa-River Falls Symphony Orchestra (1999); Wind Ensemble (1997); and Jazz Ensemble (1997); and was a featured soloist for Sheldon Theatre Brass Band (1994-1996).

Robert J. Brownlow now lives in Akron, Ohio. He is married to Vivian Villar Viana.

Source: Robert J. Brownlow Website (2006-2009); University of Central Florida Website (2005-2006)
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Aryeh Oron (August 2011)

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