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Constantin Bugeanu (Composer, Arranger)

Born: May 18, 1916 - Ploieşti, Romania
Died: July 23, 1998 - Bucharest (Bucureşti), Romania

The Romanian composer, musicologist, conductor and professor, Constantin Bugeanu, began his musical training at the Municipal Conservatory of Timişoara (1927-1933), under Sabin Drăgoi (theory, solfeggio, harmony, counterpoint), and continued at the Bucharest Conservatory (1933-1940) under Ioan D. Chirescu (theory, solfeggio), Mihail Jora (harmony, counterpoint), Ionel Perlea ( orchestral conducting), Constantin Brăiloiu (folklore, music history), etc. He completed his studies at Salzburg (1940-1942) under Klemens Krauss (orchestral conducting). He also studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest (1933-1936).

Constantin Bugeanu was rehearsal pianist (1938-1940) and conductor (1957-1959, 1969-1976) of the Romanian Opera in Bucharest; conductor at the Alhambra Theater in Bucharest (1943-1946), the Comic Opera Company in Bucharest (1945-1947) and the Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra (1947, 1960-1962); conductor and director of the Romanian Opera of Cluj (1948-1952); lecturer in the music history department (1952-1954) and professor of orchestral conducting (1967-1976) at the Bucharest Conservatory; conductor (1953-1957), principal conductor and director (1962-1968) of the Cinematographic Symphony Orchestra of Bucharest; director of music (1955-1956) and adviser (1956-1957) in the Ministry of Culture.

Constantin Bugeanu was on concert tours as conductor in Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Denmark and Turkey. He wrote studies and articles in Muzica, Studii muzicologice, Scînteia, etc. He presented lecture-concerts, radio and television broadcasts, scientific papers, and summer courses for conductors. He was a large contribution to the ascendance of many of today's major Romanian conductors, among whom are Cristian Mandeal, Horia Andreescu, Cristian Brîncuş, etc. At Saarbrücken he conducted the German-language premiere of George Enescu's opera Oedip.

Constantin Bugeanu was awarded the Order of the Workers, cls. III (1948), the August 23 Order, cls. V (1959), the title of Artist Emeritus (1964) and the Order of Cultural Merit, cls. II (1968).

Works (Selection)

Symphonic music:
Rondino on Popular Themes (1938)

Chamber music:
Sonata in F for Piano and Violin (1939)
Divertimento for Five Wind Instruments (1940)

Vocal music:
Balada unui greier mic [The Ballad of a Little Cricket] (1939)
Paparuda [The Rainmaker] (1940)

Pelléas et Mélisande. Analiza formei [Formal Analysis], in Stud. Muzicol. Bucharest, nr. 3 (1967)
Fenomenologia muzicii [The Phenomonology of Music], in Dicţionar de termeni muzicali [Dictionary of Musical Terms]. Bucharest: Edit. Ştiinţifică şi Enciclopedică (1984)

Source: Romanian Music Information Center Website; Leonard Boga (October 2009)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2007)

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