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Cyril Carr Dalmaine (Composer)

Born: August 20, 1904 - London, England
Died: September 1986 - Midhurst, West Sussex, England

The Englisg comoposer and critic, Cyril Carr Dalmaine, studied at Eastbourne College, and graduated from the Royal College of Music. He was Music master at Uppington School, and chorus master to the BBC.

Cyril Carr Dalmaine was he radio critic of the Daily Express, a British newspaper, during World War II, under the pseudonym Jonah Barrington. His first used the term "Lord Haw-Haw" to describe a German radio broadcaster; "He speaks English of the haw-haw, damn-it-get-out-of-my-way variety, and his strong suit is gentlemanly indignation. William Joyce - "Lord Haw Haw" also wrote and read out over the air with his infamous "Germany calling" catchphrase, which has also come to light, and he became a chief propagandist for the Third Reich after fleeing England just before World War II. Joyce was taken back to England and at 39 in January 1946 became the last person in Britain to be hanged for high treason.

Cyril Carr Dalmaine was also a record presenter in the pre-1955 days . He was responsible for the "discovery" of the then deceased Italian tenor, Alessandro Valente. At a time when the great Swedish tenor Jussi Bjorling's recording of Nessun Dorma was popular, Delmaine (Barrington) played a version by Valente which, he said, was the best he had ever heard. It was instantly popular and Valente enjoyed a posthumous vogue.

Cyril Carr Dalmaine composed chamber music, and transcribed cantatas of J.S. Bach to piano.

Source: Find a Grave Memorial Website (ny: julia&keld, May 15, 2011); Wikipedia Website (May 2013); Bits & pieces from other sources
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Aryeh Oron (June 2013)

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