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François-Auguste Gevaert (Composer, Arranger)

Born: July 31, 1828 - Huysse, near Oudenaarde, Belgium
Died: December 24, 1908 - Brussels, Belgium

François-Auguste Gevaert was a Belgian composer. His father was a baker, and he was intended for the same profession, but better counsels prevailed and he was permitted to study music. He was sent in 1841 to the Conservatory at Ghent, where he studied under Edouard de Sommere and Martin-Joseph Mengal. He was then appointed organist of the Jesuit's church.

The compositions of François-Auguste Gevaert soon attracted attention, and he eventually won a prize which entitled him to two years' travel. The journey was postponed during the production of his first opera and other works. In 1849 he commenced his journey, and after a short stay in Paris went to Spain, and subsequently to Italy. Important compositions were produced in Paris, and in 1867 he was appointed "Chef de Chant" at the Academie de Musique, Paris, in succession to Fromental Halévy. In 1871 he was appointed head of the Brussels Conservatory.

Though a successful composer François-Auguste Gevaert was happier as a teacher, historian, writer and lecturer on music. His many works include the well-known Treatise on Instrumentation, a book on Harmony and a Vade Mecum for organists.

His composition include about a dozen operas (Quentin Durward, Le Capitaine Henriot, etc.), cantatas for national occasions, songs and other works. His chief service to music, however, was as an educator.

Source: Wikipedia Website (June 2010, based on a text from the Etude magazine, prior to 1923, that is in the public domain); François-Auguste Gevaert Website
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Aryeh Oron (July 2010)

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