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Jens-Uwe Günther (Composer)

Born: Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

The Gernan composer, Jens-Uwe Günther, was between 8-13 years of age a member of the Magdeburger Bachkantatenchor. After graduation he had a short activity at the Deutsche Reichsbahn. He studied composition (with Gerster, Geißler, Weissmann) at the Hochschule für Musik in Leipzig with state examination (1964).

Jens-Uwe Günther operated as a composer and Kapellmeister at the Städtischen Bühnen Erfurt and at the Deutschen Nationaltheater Weimar. In 1979 here received the Art and Literature Prize of the city of Weimar. Until 1985 he was a freelance composer.

From 1985 to 1991 Jens-Uwe Günther was lecturer in music education at the Theaterhochschule “Hans Otto” in Leipzig. From 1987 to 1993 he was also also Musical Director at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, and until 2002 held the same post at the Schauspielhaus Leipzig. From 1992 to 2007, he was lecturer for dramatic lessons at Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Leipzig.

Jens-Uwe Günther has created over 300 theater music at leading theaters in Germany and has co-operated with leading German directors, such as Harry Buckwitz, Fritz Bennewitz, Horst Ruprecht, Wolfgang Engel, Konstanze Lauterbach, Leander Haußmann and many others. He has also created numerous soundtracks for DEFA and television.

For his chamber opera Der Cid in 1999, Jens-Uwe Günther received in 1999 the 1st prize at the Grabbe Composition Competition. In 2001, he directed the German premiere of the musical Lautrec by Charles Asznavour at the Theater Gera/Altenburg. His compositions include several chamber operas (including with texts by Goethe, Lessing), three ballets, three string quartets, a choral symphony, two concertos for percussion and orchestra, and two concertos for piano and orchestra.

Source: Jens-Uwe Günther Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (May 2013)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (May 2013)

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