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William Malloch (Composer, Arranger)

Born: 1927 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Died: January 9, 1996 - Los Angeles, California, USA

The musicologist and composer, William F. Malloch, graduated from UC Berkeley in 1951. He received an MA in composition at UCLA in 1958, and undertook postgraduate studies at Tanglewood and the Vienna Academy of Music.

William Malloch was an American musicologist and composer. He was longtime music director of Pacifica Radio's KPFK in Los Angeles, music director of the Mahler Society of California for more than 15 years, for several years artistic director of the Ojai Music Festival, and recently taught performance practices in music at UCLA.

Winner of numerous awards for his radio documentaries, Malloch received special recognition for a commemorative recording, "Gustav Mahler Remembered", first issued in 1967, and reissued 5 years later with Leonard Bernstein's recording of Gustav Mahler's 4th and 5th Symphonies. His radio documentary on Dvorak, based on recollections he recorded in Czechoslovakia and the USA, won an Ohio State Award in 1970. Malloch's compositions include music for keyboard and symphonic wind ensembles. He contributed articles to Opus magazine, Early Music, and other publications. His many interests included unearthing authentic tempos for music of the past, demonstrated on recorded performances which he produced of Ravel's Bolero and J.S. Bach's Orchestral Suites.

In 1947, William Malloch possessed of a sense of history, recorded Igor Stravinsky rehearsing his new revision of his symphonies of wind instruments in memory of Debussy. The sound is antique but the picture of what I. Stravinsky is striving for musically comes through clearly enough. Malloch won runner-up honors in the Eighth Annual Armstrong Awards, the 7th national award his programs have won. Malloch's archives of sound recordings reflect his life's work. He left large collections of 78 rpm recordings (focused on conductors), and extensive open reel and cassette tape recordings (interviews with musicians, his broadcasts and documentaries - also the original research that was excerpted for the finished program - and a great deal of related material). His legacy also includes his writing and research materials. These materials are presently being organized for research use and the establishment of a William Malloch Collection in the UCLA Music Library Special Collections.


Source: Music Library Association - Southern California Chapter Waebsite (April 1996; Author: Marsha Berman); Supplements from other sources
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (October 2009)

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