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Johann Christoph Pez (Composer)

Born: September 9, 1664 - Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Died: September 25, 1716 - Stuttgart, Germany

The Italian tenor and composer, Johann Christoph Pez, sang as in the choir at St. Marks in Munich where he also attended school.

Johann Christoph Pez later played the lute and the viol in the orchestra at St. Peter's, Munich, singing in the choir and becoming maestro in 1687. During the course of his career Pez also served the Elector Max Emanuel in Munich, Joseph Clemens in Bonn and the Wurttemberg Court from 1706 until his death. He acceded to the position of Kapellmeister in both Bonn and Wurttemberg. While in Munich he had been serving the church but found the music to be too conservative.

Receiving a job in the court, Johann Christoph Pez was sent to Rome where he was able to study with Arcangelo Corelli and learn new methods. A. Corelli's influence is contained in the compositions of Pez. The vocal compositions were characterized by homophony in a variety of moods and rhythms. Instrumental parts, particularly the strings, often doubled the voices with the exception of bass solos that were accompanied by strings. Pez also composed masses and psalms for which he rarely employed ornamentation. The only noted instance of Pez's strong melodic gifts are heard in the strains of the solo cantata, Corona stellarum.


Source: All Music Guide Website (Author: Keith Johnson)
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Aryeh Oron (August 2003)

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Works previously attributed to J.S. Bach

Kyrie in A minor, BWV Anh 24 (Anh III 167)

Works arranged / performed by J.S. Bach

Missa San Lamberti in A minor, including Kyrie arranged by J.S. Bach, BWV Anh 24 - performed by J.S. Bach in Weimar 1714-1717, and in Leipzig 1724

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