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Ludwig Stark (Arranger)

Born: June 19, 1831 - Munich, Germany
Died: March 22, 1884 - Stuttgart, Germany

The German music pedagogue, scholar and editor, Ludwig Stark, was educated at the University in Stuttgart, and learned music in the school of the Lachners.

In 1856 Ludwig Stark went to Paris, and after a short residence there removed to Stuttgart, and in conjunction with Faisst, Lebert, Brachmann and Laiblin, founded the Stuttgart Music School. Stark's energies were since that time continually concentrated on the school, which flourished accordingly, and in July 1865 was allowed to assume the title of Conservatorium. Among his pupils there was Adolf Ruthardt.

A large number of works have been prepared for the use of the students, among which the Grosse Klavierschule of Lebert and Stark, in 4 volumes, is conspicuous. Also by the same - Instruktive Klavierstücke in four grades; Jugendbibliothek and Jugendalbum, each in twelve parts; Instruktive klassichcr Ausgabe, of various writers, in 21 volumes, by Lebert, Faisst, I. Lachner, Franz Liszt, and Hans von Bülow; and many more. The famous Cotta edition of L.v. Beethoven's pianoforte sonatas is the best-known of these publications.

Apart from his activities as a scholar and editor, Ludwig Stark was a great transcriber of music for solo piano, particularly that of Schubert. His version of Johannes Brahms' famous Haydn Variations renders the original two piano version faithfully and with no significant loss of effect, producing a result that is both pianistically effective and musically satisfying.

Ludwig Stark was made Royal Professor in 1868, and Honorary Dr. Ph. 1873, and had many other distinctions.


Source: Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1952 Edition); John Kersey Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (July 2007)

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