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Johann Trier (Composer, Bach's Pupil )

Born: September 2, 1716 - Themar, Thuringia, Germany
Died: buried Janury 6, 1790 - Zittau, Saxony, Germany

Johann Trier was a German organist and composer. He matriculated at the University of Leipzig on June 2, 1741. During the following years he probably studied with J.S. Bach and by the mid-1740’s had become a prominent participant in several of Leipzig's musical societies.

By May 1, 1746 Johann Trier had assumed the direction of the collegium musicum formerly led by Georg Philipp Telemann and J.S. Bach; he probably remained in this position until 1747. Although he failed in his attempt to succeed J.S. Bach as Thomaskantor in 1750, Trier was unanimously chosen in 1753 from nine applicants (including Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Wilhelm Friedemann Bach) for the important position of music director and organist of the Johanniskirche in Zittau, which he held from 1754 until his death. Two of his pupils, J.G. Schicht and J.G. Schneider (the elder), achieved some eminence.

Johann Trier was esteemed during his lifetime mainly as ‘one of our greatest masters of the organ’ (Gerber). However, he was also the composer of a variety of polonaises and preludes for clavier and organ and of at least two cycles of cantatas for the church year. His organ and church works are in the late Baroque polyphonic style.


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