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Tobias Zeutschner (Composer, Poet)

Born: 1621 - Neurode [Nowa Ruda, Poland] (Grafschaft Glatz)
Died: September 15, 1675 - Breslau [Wroc³aw]

Tobias Zeutschner was a German composer, organist and poet. He received a Protestant schooling at Bernstadt. Though he was drawn into the religious upheaval that afflicted Silesia, he was also receptive to his musical environment, and he may have been taught music by Lِwenstern. His first post was nearby at ضls, where he was organist and also a member of the council from 1643 to the spring of 1649. From May 4, 1649 he was an organist and schoolmaster in the New City of Breslau and from October 8, 1655 was organist of the second most important church in Breslau, St Maria Magdalena. From 24 February 1654 he was permitted to sign himself ‘Notarius Caesareus Publicus’ The many surviving copies of his 1661 volume (as well as transcriptions of it) indicate that he was one of the most successful exponents of the simplified sacred concerto. The characteristics of his style - clear-cut forms (with sinfonias, interludes, solo episodes and tutti ritornello sections), smooth harmony and parlando choral declamation - were particularly suited to music intended for use in the home as well as in church; following traditional theological thinking, he regarded devotion as more important than art. His song collections of 1667 and 1670 contain settings of his own poems and show him clearly following in Lِwenstern’s footsteps, without, however, adopting his complex metrical structures.


Decas prima, oder Musicalischen Fieisses erster Theil, 3–5, 7vv, vns ad lib (Breslau, 1652)
Ein hertzlicher Wunsch: O dass ich dich mein Bruder, 2vv, 2 vn, bc (Breslau, 1652), lost
Threnodia, oder Briegische Trauer-Klage: H
ِchster Gott, schaw unsern Jammer, 4vv (Breslau, 1659), lost
Neu-Jahrs-Lied, auff das 1660ste Jahr Christi: Gott und Vater, reich von Güte, 4vv (Breslau, 1660)
Musicalische Kirchen- und Haus-Freude, 4-6vv, 2 vn, 3 trbn, 2 clarinos (Leipzig, 1661)
Musicalischer Hausandacht erstes Zehn (Brieg, 1667); several melodies ed. in ZahnM
Unser Wandel ist im Himmel
, 5vv, 2 vn, trbn, trbn/va, trbn/vle, bc (Breslau, 1670)/R1991 in Bircher)
Musicalischer Hausandacht anderes Zehn (Brieg, 1670); several melodies ed. in ZahnM
Ade, du süsse Welt, birthday ode
, 3vv, 2 vn, bc (n.p., 1670), lost
O Trauerstund, und stock-dick finstrer Tag, 4vv (Brieg, n.d.) [5vv version, D-Bsb]
1 chorale in P. Sohr: Musicalischer Vorschmack (Ratzeburg, 1683)

Musicalischer Wunsch: Der Herr gebe euch vom Taw des Himmels, 18 or 23vv, 1656, D-Bsb*
Halleluja, h
ِret an die Geburt, 18vv, Bsb
Musicalischer Zuruff: In suis Deus profecto sit, 8vv, 10 insts, 1668, Bsb
Te Deum, 15 or 20vv, Bsb
Ach Jesu, liebes Kind, 1v, 2 va, bc, PL-Wru
Ich, der Herr, ich bin der erste, 4vv, 2 vn, D-LUC
Jesu dulcis memoria, 3vv, 2 vn ad lib, 3 va, bc, S-Uu ; doubtful authenticity

Several lost MS works, see MGG1


Source: Grove Music Online, © Oxford University Press 2006, acc. 5/24/06 (Author: Werner Braun)
Contributed by
Thomas Braatz (May 2006)

Use of Chorale Melodies in his works


Chorale Melody


Setting of the Chorale O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort in P. Sohr(e), in Musicalischer Vorschmack

O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort


Cantata: Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn Cantus à 13 ou 19

Meine Seele erhebet den Herren [The German Magnificat]

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