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Sergey Zhukov (Composer, Arranger)

Born: August 30, 1951 - Zhitomir, Ukraine

The Ukrainian composer, Sergey [Sergei] (Viktorovich ?) Zhukov, began his music training at the Zhitomir Music College, graduating from the Department of Composition in 1973. He then moved to Moscow, and graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory in 1978, continuing on to complete a post-graduate degree in composition in 1980 - studying with Professor Mikhail Chulaki. While still a student, he received a special prize from the Soviet Union of Composers, for his work Dramatic Triptych (1978).

Sergey Zhukov made his debut in chamber music concert at Maliy Hall, Moscow Conservatory in 1973. Sergey Zhukov has participated actively in new music festivals throughout his career, particularly in Russia, but likewise in such international concerts, festivals, symposia, including: Moscow Autumn Musical Festival, where a good many of his works have been premiered (1981, 1982, 1983, 1984); Warsaw Autumn (1988); International. Musical Festival in Leningrad (1989); Charles Ives Festival in the USA (1990); Week Van de Hedendaagse Musiek in Belgium (1991); Podium Festivals Prague. Works performed on ITV, radio: Symphony, All-Union Radio (1987); Moments, running in succession, oratorio. AII-Union-TV (1987); Partita for violin solo, Donderdag, Dutch Radio (1990); Landscape for clarinet solo, BRT-3, Belgium Radio; Solarists, fantastic ballet, Ukrainian TV recording (1991).

Sergey Zhukov is an eclectic composer, having produced a large catalogue of chamber, choral, orchestral, and theatrical works. He has placed particular emphasis on the genre of the concerto - the Concerto for Orchestra and Percussion (1990), the Concerto-Mystery for violin, cello, piano and orchestra (1995), and the Concerto-Sacra for piano trio and strings (1997). Other compositions: Spivanochcki, chamber cantata to traditional words (1975; published 1983); Partita for Violin solo (1983; published 1986). Recordings: Spivanochcki (Studio Melodiya); Sonata - capriccio for cello solo (Studio Melodiya).

Sergey Zhukov teaches at the Department ofTheory and Composition of the Moscow State Conservatory since 1991. Contributions: Some aspects of Creations of Musical composition, article (1980); Series of articles for The Musical Encyclopedia (1991). Honours: Special Prize of Union of Composers, All-Union Competition for Young Composers (1978). Memberships: Union of Composers of the CIS; Arts Council, People's Academy of Culture and Human Values.

Sergey Zhukov married Natalaia Zhukova in March 1982, and has 2 daughters. Hobbies: Cars; Travel; Nature.

Source: Classical Music Archives Website; International Who's Who in Music & International Directory (13th Edition, 1992/93)
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Aryeh Oron (June 2007)

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