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Arleen Augér (Soprano)
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Arleen Augér

Jeremy Thomas wrote (December 11, 2003):
Robert Sherman wrote:
< That is a good performance. But I predict that if you listen to
BWV 51 done by Hannes Lauben on a modern trumpet (with Arlene Augér who is at her best here) you will never look back.
Compare them and let us hear your reaction. >
Ah, the wonderful Arleen Augér! One of my all-time favourites. I've never heard anything by her which wasn't exquisite. She could "change gear" from vibrato to trill perfectly.

Bob, do you have any more Bach recommendations by her?

Robert Sherman wrote (December 11, 2003):
[To Jeremy Thomas] Her recording of BWV 208, "Sheep may safely graze", is transcendent although a bit hard to obtain..

Also, moving to Händel, get her recital disk with Gerard Schwarz conducting, and listen to the Messiah selections. Her ornamentation on the second A section of "Rejoice" is my favorite among the 34 complete Messiahs I own.

On that same recording, her "He shall feed his flock" is good, although on balance I like Baker better. But then she moves into "Come Unto Him", and adds ornamentation that could melt a the heart of a stone. IMO this is one of the highest points in all recorded music.

Jeremy Thomas wrote (December 11, 2003):
[To Robert Sherman] Nicely put - and I second the comment. The instrumental playing on this CD is a little scrappy IMHO, but the singing is truly wonderful (and to keep it on-topic, it is about 50:50 Bach and Händel). My favourite track is "Care selve" from Händel's "Atalanta" - just when does Arleen Augér actually breathe?! Incredible.


Arleen Augér: Short Biography | General Discussions
Arleen Auger [by R. Zedler]

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