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Reinhard Goebel & Musica Antiqua Köln w/ Magdalena Kožená
Bachiana Volume 3 - Lamento


Bachiana Volume 3 - Lamento

Cantatas BWV 170 [17:49], BWV 200 [3:21]
F.B. Conti: Cantata Languet anima mea [13:26]

Reinhard Goebel

Musica Antiqua Köln

Alto (Mezzo-soprano): Magdalena Kožená

Archiv Produktion

Feb 2003

CD / TT: 55:51

Recorded at Melanchthon-Kirche, Cologne. Other works are not by J.S. Bach.
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Kozena's "Lamento" (Bachiana III)

Drew Point wrote (January 18, 2005):
I've been looking forward to this release for some time and found sound samples at (Amazon Germany):

Sounds exciting. The opening aria of "Vergnugte Ruh" must be the fleetest on record. No surprise coming from Goebel & Co., however.

Neil Halliday wrote (January 20, 2005):
[To Drew Point] Yes, that aria may be a little "fleet", but Goebel is certainly on the right track with in following continuo recitative: now, all we need is a little more variety in expression, and the problem of tedious, predictable continuo recitatives (I avoid the term 'secco' deliberately) is solved for ever!

In this case, the very dire words of the first half could be presented to contrast with the second half, with more vigour; for example, with the addition of a lively harpsichord part in the continuo, which might fall silent in the second half, letting the organ carry the accompaniment alone, or with a stronger organ stop in the fisst half, or letting the cello fall silent in the second half, or whatever. (Musicians, show some imagination, please! After all, continuo is an improvisatory art).


Magdalena Kozena "Lamento"

John Pike wrote (April 18, 2005):
This is a collection of lesser known works by other members of the Bach family, Costi and 2 of Bach's finest (for me) cantatas, BWV 170 and BWV 200 (cantata fragment). Kozena is accompanied by Reinhard Goebel and Musica Antiqua Köeln.

The singing is, of course, very fine, and the instrumental accompaniment is well characterised and gestural. I particularly enjoyed cantata 200 and was particularly struck by the beautiful but not obtrusive ornamentation.

My biggest problem with this album was the speed of the opening movement of cantata BWV 170. Although the style of performance enhanced a sense of conviction of faith in "beliebte Sellenlust", at this tempo I hardly had a sense of "Vergnügte Ruh" which, after all, is the main subject of this opening movement. Even allowing for impact of first hearing, I much prefer Janet Baker's performance of this cantata, the first recording I heard.


Magdalena Kozena [BeginnersBach]

Sw Anandgyan wrote (September 1, 2005):
I just picked up the CD 'Lamento' with Magdalena Kozena and Musica Antiqua Köln on the DG label.

Johann Christoph Bach: Ach, dass ich Wassers g'nug hätte
Francesco Bartolomeo Conti: Languet anima mea
Johann Sebastian Bach: Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust; Bekennen will ich seinen Namen
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Selma
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach: Die Amerikanerin

Granted it is my first listen and though I bought it second-hand ( typical me ) I'm stunned at the diverging reviews of this recording ...




Any comments on this?

I was lucky enough to pick up the Sara Mingardo 'Arie, Madrigali e Cantate' CD of Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Handel and that one I shall return to often.


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