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Steven Rickards (Counter-tenor)

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Cantata 156 by American Bach Soloists

Kirk McElhearn wrote (January 18, 2003):
I just got a copy of this CD in a trade. I am appalled at the poor quality of the singing, especially the countertenor, Steven Rickards. But when reading the discussions of cantata BWV 156 on the site - short discussions, more than 2 years old - no one mentioned this. Is it just me? Aryeh, want to pull this one out and listen to it?

Steven Rickards again

Kirk McElhearn wrote (January 18, 2003):
Gasp! Yet another disk with him!

Rifkin's recording of BWV 12 - the beautiful aria Kreuz und Kronen sind verbunden, with amazing oboe playing by Stephen Hammer (who seems to rival even Marcel in feeling here) is marred by Rickards' weak, fluttering voice. He makes me think of Syste Buwalda's worst performances in the Leusink series....

Alas, this is my first exposure to Rifkin's recordings. I like his approach, but he certainly needs better singers to support his theories.

Reginald Mobley (Adam Strange) wrote (February 27, 2003):
[To Kirk McElhearn] I it always great to hear opinions of other people in regards to other singers, as I feel that there are few thoughts more terrifying that a joint recital with Yvonne Kenny and Cheryl Studer. I however must ask that you speak of Dr Rickards with a little more respect than "Gasp! yet another disk with him!". For you have no idea if any of his devoted students (myself) just happen to be on this listserv.

So I ask that until I get a few copies of all of your albums, please try to be happy with constructive criticism or try the Rilling recording of that cantata.

Thank-you kindly,

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