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Berliner Camerata (Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 2008 - Berlin, Germany

Berliner Camerata succeed in doing what not many free orchestra create: Without public subsidies to achieve a high artistic level and set new accents every year. Meanwhile, the Berliner Camerata is on elf the most popular orchestras of the capital.

Since its foundation in 2008, the Berliner Camerata represents high-quality classical music for sophisticated connoisseurs. This young, internationally staffed orchestra is directed by the exceptional violinist Olga Pak. Several factors are decisive for the choice of the orchestra members: Besides their musical excellence, the joy in playing music and their ability to work in a team are highly valued characterics.

The self-conception of the Berliner Camerata is that of a union shaped by the different contributions of its musicians. The orchestra aims at giving each of its members the possibility to influence the artistic process at anytime - be it in a programmatic way by suggesting new compositions for the repertoire or by taking over a solo part. This way of working allows for individual progress in mutual artistic inspiration. It is what distinguishes the Berliner Camerata from many other orchestras.

The orchestra's repertoire comprises popular classical pieces as well as modern compositions. It seeks to pass on its enthusiams for classical music to both, adepts and novices to the classical world. The Berliner Camerata debuted with its program »Vivaldi meets Piazzolla« in front of an enthralled audience in the big hall of the Oslo Konserthus in 2008. It was the beginning of a successful tour around some of the most beautiful concert halls, cathedrals and churches all over Europe.

In the past years, the orchestra established itself on two levels: On the one hand, the increasing number of concerts enabled the Camerata to tie a number of regulars to themselves. These musicians fulfill the requirements of the orchestra on a level of virtuosity as well as on an interpersonal level. On the other hand, they succeeded in creating a continous collaboration with a row of prestigious musicians such as Guy Braunstein, Avi Avital, Mark Gothoni, Yury Revich, Yorck Kronenberg, Giuliano Sommerhalder, Gerd Albrecht, John Schläfli, Nigel Kennedy, Nils Landgren, Sabine Weyer or Iskandar Widjaja arisen since unforgettable concerts.

In addition to its own concert series in Berlin (Philharmonie), in Hamburg (Laeiszhalle) in Bremen (The bell) and from 2014 in Leipzig (Gewandhaus), the Orchestra is also the organizer of the "Berliner Klassiksommer".

Guest performances in Gasteig Munich, the Liederhalle Stuttgart and many other prestigious concert halls of Germany are regularly on the program of the ensemble. On international tours, the orchestra breathes new life into the European classical operation.t. The Rising-Star Series is also worth mentioning: This series brings together the Berlin Camerata with aspiring talents of the classical music scene

Source: Berliner Camerata Website; Photos 01-05: © Florian Manz
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2017)

Recordings of Bach’s Instrumental Works




Sabine Beyer [Piano]


[O-1] (2016): Concerto for harpsichord, strings & continuo No. 4 BWV 1055; Concerto for harpsichord, strings & continuo No. 5 BWV 1056

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