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Jelle Draijer (Bass)

Born: 1951 - The Netherlands

The Dutch bass, Jelle Draijer (Drayer), was born to a family of musicians, but he initially decided to study English and history. However, his parents were both professional singers and Jelle Draijer early started to also have lessons of singinging with his aunt, Heleen Draijer, deciding in 1974 to enter the Conservatory of Amesterdam. In 1977 he became a professional singer as a member of the Chamber Choir of Holland. At the same time that he continued to study with his aunt.

Jelle Draijer's activity as a soloist has increased since then, as much in the scope of the Choir, having worked with the teachers, Gustav Leonhardt, Sigiswald Kuijken, Ton Koopman, Reinbert de Leeuw, Jos van Immerseel, Uwe Gronostay, Phillipe Herreweghe and René Jacobs and with the groups, Fiori Musicali, Bremen (Thomas Albert), Il Fondamento (Paul Dombrecht), Orchestra of the 18th Century (Frans Brüggen) and Tragicomedia (Stephen Stubbs). Jeele Draijer sang as a soloist in variety of works, such as: Vespri di S. Giovanni Battista by Monteverdi, with Gustav Leonhardt; Vespro della beata Vergina, also by Monteverdi, with René Jacobs; Madrigals by Domenico Mazzocchi, with Stephen Stubbs; Vesperae Solenne de Confessore and Coronation Mass by Mozart, with Frans Brüggen; Johannes-Passion (BWV 245) by J.S. Bach, also with Frans Brüggen; Petite Messe Solennelle by Rossini, with Jos van Immerseel; Via Crucis by Franz Liszt and Jetz immer Schnee by Sofia Gubaidulina, both under the conducting of Reinbert de Leeuw; as well as several other works with the Chamber Choir of Holland.


Source: Gulbenkian Website (September 2000), English translation by Aryeh Oron (March 2003)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (March 2003)

Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Arjan van Baest


Video: BWV 81, BWV 125

Pieter Jan Belder


BWV 93, BWV 227, BWV 228

Pieter Jan Belder


Member of Gesualdo Consort Amsterdam:
BWV 101, BWV 102; BWV 226

Frans Brüggen


BWV 244, BWV 245 [1st]

Klaus Eichhorn


BWV 61

Christian Grube


BWV 106

Peter Kooy


BWV 225-230, BWV Anh 159

Jos van Veldhoven


Member of Nederlandse Bachvereniging:
BWV 29, BWV 36, BWV 61, BWV 130, BWV 146

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