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Gianluca Luisi (Piano)

Born: 1970 - Pescara, Italy

The Italian pianist, Gianluca Luisi, was already fascinated from the piano when he was 3 years old, so his parents understanding his outstanding talent, gave him the possibility to study and so he began to have piano lessions at the age of 6. His first teacher was Maestro E.Verona a pupil of Henrich Nehause in Moscow. Later, he studied in Pesaro, at the “G.Rossini” Conservatory, with Maestro Franco Scala. There he obtained his diploma, passing with top marks and honours. He continued his studies at the piano Academy in Imola, where he studied under the direction of M°Giovanni Valentini, M° Boris Petrushansky, M° Piero Rattalino and M° Riccardo Risaliti. He has played at various master-classes, held by internationally known musicians such as Lazar Berman, Jörg Demus, Alexander Lonquich, Paul Badura-Skoda, J.Achucarro, Antonio Ballista, A.Jasinski, Rosalyn Tureck, etc… He completed his studies with M° Sergio Perticaroli in Rome.

Gianluca Luisi has taken part to various National and International Piano Competitions. He won the National Piano competition “Città dell’Aquila”, the Mozart Prize (Italy), in 1996; the Genzano Competition in Rome (Italy), 1st prize; the Cesenatico Competition, (Italy), 1st prize, the Jeunesse Musicales Competition (Italy) 1st prize (1998); the TIM Torneo Internazionale di Musica (International MusicTournament (IMT), 1999, Rome, 1st prize; and the 2nd prize in Cosenza Piano Competition, Premio Rendano (Italy), 2nd prize in the Bellini International Competition in Caltanissetta, and 3rd prize in Sulmona International Competition (Italy 2000). He won the 2nd prize at the “Casella” International Competition in Naples and in March 2001 he won the 1st prize in the“J.S.Bach Piano International Competition” in Saarbrucken-Germany (54 pianists from 26 countries took part to this event). The critic in the newspaper spoke about a new Bach interpreter: “..He produces a music completely free, what else do you want?” (Saarlandische Zeitung….)

Gianluca Luisi gave many concerts in important Concert Halls and Associations, for example: the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Musikverein in Vienna, the Bach Accademy Stuttgart (Germany), the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival (Hamburg-Germany), he played for the “Serate Musicali” of Milano (Italy), Verdi Theater (Trieste-Italy), Verona Philarmonic Accademy (Italy), “Tiroler Festspiele”(Austria), Konzert Hall-Chuden Hall (Nagoja-Japan), The Rossini Festival (Pesaro) Italy ,The New Auditorium of Milan, Bellini Theater of Catania (Italy), with the Orchestra of San Carlo (Naples), for in the Mendelssohn House (Leipzig-Germany), for the Yamaha Europa (Nordestedt), for the Piano Festival in Krumlov (Czech Republic), in the J.S. Bach Castle (Köthen-Germany), in the Meistersaal (Berlin-Germany), in Wien for Bòsendorfer Piano (Stadtsalon in Musikverein) Austria, for the Bachfest Leipzig (Germany), with the Symphonic Orchestra in Sicilien, in the Bachtage Potsdam (Berlin-Germany), in Lübeck, Bayreuth, Munich, Wolfsburg, Kiel(Germany), for the Friends of music in Siracusa, Vittoria, Trapani (Italy), for the Music Festival Saar 2005 (Saarralbe-French), in Luxemburg, in Malta, for the Forderkreise fùr Musik in Weiden in the Max Reger Hall (November 2005) etc.

Gianluca Luisi has also teamed up with a number of conductors and orchestras, among them Alun Francis, Enrico Belli, David Crescenzi, the German Chamber Orchestra Frankfurt (Deutsches Kammerorchester Frankfurt), the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra del San Carlo di Napoli, the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, the Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini di Pesaro and the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana. Over and above his activities as a soloist he has established firm chamber music partnerships with violinist Marco Rogliano as well as with the Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt and the Chantily Quintet.

Gianluca Luisi has a very wide and interesting repertoire and he recently played by heart, in 2 concerts, the Complete Cycle of the Well Tempered Clavier of J.S. Bach at the Conservatory of Bologna (Sala Bossi) and with Maestro Konstantin Scherbakov the complete L.v. Beethoven 9 Simphonies in the Franz Liszt transcription for two and four hands.

Gianluca Luisi has recorded 16 CD’s for the Naxos, the MDG and the Centaur Records (released on 2010 the complete cycle of the Well tempered Clavier of J.S. Bach) labels and onclassical mp3. Forthcoming recording projects will include both Piano Concerti by Frédéric Chopin in the version for piano and string quintet with the Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt for the MDG label, ‘Years of Pilgrimage’ by F. Liszt for Centaur Records as well as a CD with violinist Marco Rogliano featuring the Sonatas of Austrian/German composer Ludwig Thuille on the occasion of his 150th birthday this coming 2011 for Naxos.

For Gianluca Luisi his career was a discovery. He has not been induced to start his concert activity by the wish of a personal achievement, but by the feeling he has established with his audience, which is renewing at every concert. His fans adore him not only because he is such a exceptional and gifted pianist, but also because he is a very nice person with whom you feel immediately at home. He has a huge respect for the beauty of Art, he wants to play music the way the composers intended their pieces to be, he just involves his heart, his creativity and talent – and that makes his playing so incredibly beautiful.

Gianluca Luisi is also a teacher at the Recanati Piano Accademy of the Marche, he is married with Stefania and he has got two lovely children, Rebecca and Pietro. Gianluca Luisi is a Boesendorfer artist and Naxos recording artist.

He received enthusiastic reviews:
”…Luisi 's piano playing was astonishing in presentation .He is a very and imaginative excellent pianist who deserves world recognition" - New York Concert Review, Carnegie Hall
”…Luisi-Remarkable sound and technique” - Il piccolo, Trieste (June 9, 1999)
“…Luisi - A Commendable performance in every way” - L’Arena di Verona (August 30, 1999)
“…Gianluca Luisi: This name you have to notice” - Saarbrucken Zeitung (March 22, 2001)
“…Brilliant Italian pianist at MCI inaugural concert; full of contrasting pianistic styles, lyrical and dramatic at the same time, this was an unforgettable performance” - The Sunday Times-Malta (October 7, 2001)…
"...the young artist has not only outstanding technical abilities, but is also an extraordinary, excellent musician.” - Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung (May 27, 2004)
"... a perfect balance of virtuoso performance and deeply felt musicality“ 09-05-2005 (Saarbruecken Zeitung)
“…an evening with a worldclass pianist” - Nordbayrischer Kurier-Bayreuth (November 14, 2005)
Recently in the Italian news magazine for Pianists Suonare news, the Great Pianist Aldo Ciccolini wrote: “Gianluca Luisi is one of the most interesting Italian pianist at moment”.

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Source: Gianluca Luisi Website; Marco Polo Music Management (November 2010)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2010); Fiorella Marini (Marco Polo Music Management, November 2010)

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