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Solistensensemble Stimmkunst, Stuttgart (Vocal Ensemble)

Born: 2003 - Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The Solistenensemble Stimmkunst was founded in 2003 by Kay Johannsen for a highly acclaimed concert cycle of cantatas by J.S. Bach. The ensemble sings mainly in the cast of 12-16 professional singers who perform both the choral and solo parts. The focus of the present work lies in the field of early music.

Published by Carus are the CD’s “Göttlichs Kind” with Advents and Christmas cantata by Georg Philipp Telemann and “Noël” with Christmas music by Marc Antoine Charpentier. Several concerts in the Stiftskirche and the Musikfest Stuttgart including works by Finck, Lechner, Charpentier, Monteverdi, J.S. Bach, Jomelli , Johannes Brahms, Wolf and Max Reger were recorded by the SWR. In addition to the Ensemble Stiftsbarock Stuttgart, the Solistenensemble Stimmkunst is also the partner of the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester. The Solistenensemble Stimmkunst joined with the Sarband Ensemble for the programme “Sacred bridges” in Stuttgart and in the Lutherkirche Wittenberg.

In the cycle, Bach:vokal the Solistenensemble Stimmkunst take the main part in all performances.

Members of Solistenensemble Stimmkunst (since 2013):





Fanie Antonelou
Franziska Bobe
Andrea Lauren Brown
Claudia Ehmann
Rebekka Fries
Helena Günther
Heike Heilmann
Undine Holzwarth
Agnes Knoop
Julla von Landsberg
Rahel Maas
Marie-Pierre Roy
Anaïs Sarkissian

Nohad Becker
Elvira Bill
Marion Eckstein
Martina Gmeinder
Anne Greiling
Anne Maugard
Hanna Roos
Sybille Philippin
Alexandra Paulmichl
Lena Sutor-Wernich
Lidia Vinyes Curtis
Wiebke Wighardt

Michael Berner
Wolfgang Frisch
Nils Giebelhausen
Henning Jensen
Henning Klocke
Hans Jörg Mammel
Stephan Scherpe
Daniel Schreiber
Andreas Weller

Ekkehard Abele
Ralf Grobe
Jens Hamann
Matthias Horn
Peter Maruhn
Daniel Raschinsky
Thomas Scharr
Christian Villiger
Dominik Wörner

Source: Bach:vokal Website, English translation by Aryeh Oron (November 2013)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (November 2013, November 2015)

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