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Ryo Terakado (Violin, Conductor)

Born: 1961 - Santa-Cruz, Bolivia

The Bolivian-born Japanese violinist and conductor, Ryo Terakado, started to play violin at the age of 4. He won the 2nd prize in the All Japan Youth Musical Competition when he was 14 years old. He studied violin, chamber music and conducting at the Toho Gakuen School of Music. In 1983, he won the 3rd prize in the All Japan Music Competition. At the time when graduating Toho Gakuen, he was invited as a concertmaster of The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, where he served for 2 years.

Ryo Terakadoís interest in Baroque music already started before: When he was 19, he started to play Baroque violin by himself. Some years later, he founded a Baroque ensemble Concert Spirituel together with Masahiro Arita (flute), who influenced him a lot, and Hidemi Suzuki (cello). In 1985, he came to the Netherlands to study the Baroque violin at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague under guidance of Sigiswald Kuijken. In 1989 He received a soloist diploma.

Since 1987, Ryo Terakado played with many Baroque orchestras in Europe and Japan as a concertmaster: Les Arts Florissants, La Chapelle Royale, Collegium Vocale Gent, Tokyo Bach Mozart Orchestra etc. Presently he is the concertmaster of La Petite Bande and Bach Collegium Japan. He plays regularly concertos by i.e. J.S. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, W.A. Mozart with the above-mentioned orchestras. Besides that he is also invited frequently to Italy, Poland, France and Australia as a soloist. In 1987 he founded the Tokyo Baroque Trio together with Christophe Rousset (harpsichord) and Kaori Uemura (viola da Gamba). Several tours were made in Japan, and many concerts in Europe. This group is now renewed with another harpsichordist: Siebe Henstra, and called Tokyo Baroque in order to expand the group.

Since 1994, Ryo Terakado is one of the main artists in Hokutopia International Music Festival in Tokyo, where he debuted as a conductor. He has conducted operas by Monteverdi, Purcell, Rameau, Gluck, Haydn and W.A. Mozart, including Purcellís Dido and Aeneas, Rameauís Pigmarion, Rebelís Les Elemens, etc. with collaboration of Natalie van Parijs (Baroque Dance) and Les Fragment Reunis, Jean-Philippe Corrigou (lighting) and Yoko Arimatu (Costume). He also conducted other concert performances: J.S. Bachís Brandenburg Concertos (BWV 1046-1051), Purcellís Fairy Queen, extract of Lully Operas, W.A. Mozart's Symphonies and extract of the opera Idomeneo, etc. In 1997, Orchestra of the Festival became Les Boreades which will be conducted by Ryo Terakado permanently.

Ryo Terakado founded an ensemble & orchestra Nova Pratica in 1999 together with Susan Williams (trumpet), Stratton Bull (counter-tenor) and Fons van der Linden (harpsichord). It's base is in Maastricht (Holland). He also founded the string quartet Mito dell'Arco which consists of Ryo Terakado, Dmitry Badiarov (violin), Yosiko Morita (viola), Hidemi Suzuki (cello). Debuted in Japan in September 1999. Besides other activities of solo, conducting, and chamber music, he also makes tours in Japan with The Kuijken Ensemble with Barthold, Wieland Kuijken and Robert Kohnen.

From 1990 to 1992, Ryo Terakado had taught baroque violin at Paris Conservatory (CNSMP). Currently he teaches at the Hague Royal Conservatory (Holland) since 1991, and at the Toho Gakuen School of Music (Japan).

His discography can be found in Ricercar (Belgium), Accent (Germany), BIS (Sweden), Denon (Japan) and Passacaille (Belgium)..

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Source: Koncon Website; Bach Collegium Japan Website
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Aryeh Oron (September 2013)

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Shalev Ad-El


Video: Recitative & Aria from BWV 82 [w/ Bass: Klaus Mertens]

Philippe Herreweghe


Member of La Chapelle Royale:
C-3 (1987):
BWV 78, BWV 198
C-4 (1990):
BWV 243, BWV 80
C-5 (1990):
BWV 21, BWV 42

Sigiswald Kuijken


BWV 9, BWV 49, BWV 58, BWV 82, BWV 94, BWV 187

Sigiswald Kuijken


Member of La Petite Bande:
BWV 244 [1st, 1989, Video]

Marcel Ponseele


Sinfonias from BWV 12, BWV 21, BWV 156

Marcel Ponseele


Member of Il Gardellino:
C-3 (2010):
BWV 131, BWV 177

Masaaki Suzuki

Violin, Leader, Violoncello da spalla

Member of Bach Collegium Japan:
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 1:
BWV 4, BWV 150, BWV 196
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 5:
BWV 18, BWV 152, BWV 155, BWV 161
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 6:
BWV 31, BWV 21 [1714/1720 edition]
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 9:
BWV 24, BWV 76, BWV 167
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 11:
BWV 46, BWV 95, BWV 136, BWV 138
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 12:
BWV 21 [1723 Leipzig version], BWV 147
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 16: BWV 194
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 50 (2011): BWV 49, BWV 145, BWV 149, BWV 174
Sacred Cantatas Vol. 55: BWV 30, BWV 69, BWV 191
Secular Cantatas Vol. 8 (2016):
BWV 206, BWV 215
Secular Cantatas
Vol. 9 (2016): BWV 201, BWV 207a

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