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Girolamo De Simone (Composer, Arranger)

Born: 1964 - Naples, Italy

The pianist, composer and musicologist, Girolamo De Simone , is regarded as one of the foremost exponents of the new Italian border music avant-garde. An eclectic figure in the Italian musical scene, he was inspired by pianist and composer Eugenio Fels, Riccardo Risaliti, and the late Luciano Cilio. As a pianist, he has performed in Italy and Europe, always arousing his audience's enthusiasm with his interpretations, at once terse and impassioned. As a composer, he was charged with important performancese in Europe (for UNESCO in Paris, the EEC in Bruxelles, the Swiss Radio-Television, etc.) and Italy (Radio Rai Due, Radio Rai Tre, Musica Verticale, Arsenale musica, MusicaExperimento, etc.).

As theorist of "border music", Girolamo De Simone has published books and essays. He has anticipated by several years in many articles and reviews the themes of the contamination between different musical genres and the rejection of experimentalism. As a cultural operator, his aesthetic commitment has led him to promote many activities. Until 1993 he was director of the musical performance program of the Galassia Gutenberg expo in Naples. Later on, he became supervisor of the concert cycles "Musica Millemondi" - Teatro-Galleria Toledo in Naples, and "Il Canto Dell'avorio", the concert season of the Ente di Rilievo Regionale "Ferenc Liszt". In 1994, together with critics and composers of national prestige, he founded the contemporary music journal KonSequenz, as well as the KonSequenz Music Project for the production of records, concerts, and multimedia events. His contribution on musical aesthetics appear regularly in the main specialized journals and the daily newspaper il manifesto.

Discography: Autoanalisi dei compositori italiani contemporanei, Napoli 1992, Pagano; Live, Napoli 1996, Konsequenz; Konfusion, Napoli 1997, Konsequenz; Ice-tract, Napoli 1997, Konsequenz. Frontecontrofrontiera, Pisa 1999, Ars publica. Enciclopedia Italiana dei compositori contemporanei, Napoli 1999, Pagano Editore (dischi allegati all’opera). Caro Iqbal, (CD-ROM). Ice-tract, Milano 2000, Edizioni Curci (disco e spartito). Border Music, Napoli 2000, Konsequenz (Border).

Publications (selection of monographs): Libri: Le parole sospese, Napoli 1988, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane. Lasciate i pianisti nelle gabbie, Napoli 1993, E.S.I. L’altra avanguardia, Napoli 1996, E.S.I. - Konsequenz. Ice-tract, Milano 2000, Edizioni Curci.... e adesso musica!, Napoli 2001, L'isola dei ragazzi. Numerosi articoli per riviste e quotidiani (il manifesto, Nord e Sud, CdClassica, etc.).

Festivals: Icomos/Unesco (Paris). Cee (Bruxelles). Rotary International (Napoli). Musica Verticale (Roma). Arsenale Musica (Pisa). Università della Tuscia (Viterbo). Università di Camerino. Presidenza della Repubblica (Copanello). Liszt (Catanzaro). Musicainsieme (Catania). Incontri Nazionali della Nuova musica (Napoli, Villa Pignatelli ‘82). Festival di Sorrento (1984). Musica/1985 (Morlupo). Festival di Ravello (1991). S. Orsola Benincasa (Napoli). ANDJ (Napoli, Sala Martucci Conservatorio S. Pietro a Majella, 1997). Associazione Thalberg (Napoli, Conservatorio S. Pietro a Majella, 1997). Ist. Studi Filosofici (Napoli, Archivio storico Palazzo Marigliano 1999). Eclettica - Musica Millemondi - Teatro Galleria Toledo (Napoli). Certosa di Capri, Università di Napoli. AversaMusica. MusicaExperimento (Roma). Il Suono dei Soli (Palermo). Doppio Sogno (Napoli, Villa Pignatelli, 2001). Angeli Musicanti (Napoli, Real Albergo dei poveri, 2001) Teatro Mancinelli (Orvieto 2001).

Source: Girolamo De Simone Website
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Aryeh Oron (July 2007)

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