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Bach Cantatas

General Introduction | Commentary | Texts | Lists | MIDi & MP3 | Scores | Books | Others


General Introduction to the Cantatas




General Introduction Cantatas


Jan Koster

J.S. Bach FAQ - Bach's Cantatas

Bach's Cantatas - what are they, where are they?

Bernard S. Greenberg

Searching for the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach

[Music Library, Kent State University]

Mary Du Mont

Bach Cantatas: A Brief Orientation

Briefly goes through the various periods of Bach cantata production

Baroque Music Club

Welcome to Bach_Cantatas

A discussion group for Bach's Sacred Music performed in a traditional format

Boyd Pehrson

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750): Cantatas

General Introduction to the Bach Cantatas [Carus-Verlag]

Ulrich Leisinger

Bach Cantatas: A Legacy Of Beauty

Short Introduction [Knowledge Network – Knowledge Tools]


Cantatas - Cantata

[Radio B.A.C.H.]


J.S. Bach - His Cantatas as a Musical Resource

[The Treble Chorus of New England]

Marie Stultz

Kantaty Bacha po polsku

Jan Sebastian Bach's cantatas in Polish is a website for listeners who wish to better comprehend the content of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. [Polish]

Wojtek Apel


A search engine dedicated to Bach's cantatas. The user can explore the whole cantata catalogue with various search criteria: cantatas and excerpts for a particular ensemble; all cantata texts; the ranges of the choir and solo voices, etc.

Sandrine Feurer

Introducere - Bine aţi venit la Lumea de înregistrate cantate de Bach

Romanian translation of this web page: (by Web Geek Science)

Alexander Ovsov


Commentary on Individual Cantatas




A Listener's Guide to the Cantatas of J. S. Bach


Simon Crouch

Johann Sebastian Bach - The Complete Cantatas Project


Jan Koster

The Cantatas of J.S. Bach - A listener and student guide

A series of carefully researched essays on the cantatas with comments upon every movement.

Julian Mincham

J.S. Bach's Secular Cantatas

Has an introduction which sets out the types of cantatas which come under the secular heading. Movement by movement descriptions of these works with relevant MIDI files are in the process of construction

Luke Swartz

The Dayton Bach Society

Program Notes 1998-99: Cantatas BWV 102 & BWV 104


J.S. Bach & "Cantata 140: Wachet Auf"

Cantata BWV 140

E. Scott Smith (oboe player)

Bach's "Kaffeekantate" BWV 211 (1734)

A Brief Excursion Into the Time of its Creation... [in Raptus Association]

Ingrid Schwaegermann

Some Observations on Dispositio and Elocutio in Bach’s "Wir eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten" from BWV 78

Cantata BWV 78

Musica Poetica

Essays on Bach Cantatas

Commentary on the Sacred Cantatas [Japanese]

Nagamiya Tutomu

CantatasDe de Julio Sánchez Riez

Notes on Cantatas BWV 1-215 [Spanish]

Philip Bender

Emmanuel Music – Cantata Notes

Read concert notes [about 30 Cantatas]

Craig Smith

Bach 101

Progamme notes & Commentary on various Cantatas & other Vocal Works

Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr

Beoordeling van de Cantates van Bach

Een voorstelling van een nieuwe evaluatiemethode om de cantates van J. S. Bach met elkaar te kunnen vergelijken. Waarop moet men letten om deze muziek met waardering te beluisteren? [Dutch]

Johan de Wael

J.S. Bach

Includes detailed studies of some cantatas [French]

Christophe Chazot

Johann Sebastian Bachs kantater i P2

Spoken Introduction to (almost) each cantata together with short excerpt from a recording (probably from Koopman’s cantata cycle); Bach’ family tree [Swedish]

Swedish Radio

Hideo Kobayashi Bach Site

Commentary & Translations to Japanese of some cantatas [Japanese]

Hideo Kobayashi

The Overlooked Richness of the Recitatives of Bach's Cantata 78

Article obout Cantata BWV 78 [Haverford College]

Joyce Kelley

Bach and Secular Vocal Music

Composer of the Month – Short commentary on Cantatas BWV 173a, BWV 211, BWV 209

Net Online

A year with Bach

A trip through the year looking at a Bach cantata each week. Comments, discussions, musings, wibblings are all welcome. [Blog]

Laurence Price


Texts of the Cantatas




Texts of the Complete Vocal Works, with English Translation and Commentary

English translations

Z. Philip Ambrose

The Bach Cantatas – Original Texts

Original German texts. The cantatas are sorted in different ways such as by when they should be performed in the church year or alphabetically or by BWV number etc. Includes also translations to French & Dutch of many cantatas.

Walter F. Bischof

Bach German Vocabulary List

German – English

Bernard S. Greenberg

Die Texte zu den Vokalwerken von Johann Sebastian Bach nach BWV Nummern geordnet

Original German texts

Lyle K. Neff (Indiana University)

Emmanuel Music - Bach Cantata Translations

English translations (all Sacred Cantatas & some other vocal works)

Pamela Dellal

J.S. Bach: Miscellaneous Vocal Work

Singable English translations of 11 movements from Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works [Lied & Song Texts Page]

Ebenezer Prout

J.S. Bach

Translations into French of some cantatas [French]

Christophe Chazot

Hideo Kobayashi Bach Site

Translations into Japanese of some cantatas [Japanese]

Hideo Kobayashi

Juan Sebastián Bach (1685 - 1750)

Translations into Spanish of 31 cantatas and some of Bach’s other vocal woirks [Spanish]


Les cantates de Bach en Français

Translations into French of 43 cantatas [French]

Bach en Combrailles

Bienvenu à !

Translations of all the sacred cantatas (BWV 1-200) into French comprehensible for today [French]

Marc Seiler

Cantata texts based on the NBA

Original texts of The New Bach Edition, groupd according to NBA volumes

Nagamiya Tutomu


Lists of the Cantatas




Classical Music Pages - J.S. Bach - Works – Cantatas


Matt Boynick

Bach Werke Verzeichnis - Complete BWV Catalog


BWV Catalog


Robert Poliquin

Bach Cantatas sorted by BWV Number


Walter F. Bischof

Cantatas According to the Church Year


Jan Koster

Complete Works by BWV Number


Jan Hanford

J.S. Bach Works List - Church Cantatas


Classical Net

J.S. Bach Works List - Secular Cantatas


Classical Net

Index to the Sacred Cantatas by BWV Number

In Brilliant Classics - Complete Bach Edition

Kruidvat Bach Edition

Bach Bibliography – Essential Collections


Yo Tomita

J.S. Bach’s Works Catalog


David J. Grossman

Bach Cantatas and Vivaldi Concerti - Compilation in Two Parts - Part 1: The Bach Cantatas

List of the cantatas by BWV number, including references and instrumentation [University of Colorado]

Trevor Cramer


MIDI & MP3 Files of Bach Cantatas




The Classical Music Archive - Bach's Sacred Music Page


Pierre R. Schwob

Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen

Cantata BWV 32

László Zsidai

A Johann Sebastian Bach MIDI Page

Cantata BWV 147

Hylke Tromp

Art Levine - J.S. Bach

Cantatas BWV 1, BWV 24, BWV 74

Art Levine

Music of Bach - Collection of the Complete Bach Cantatas available for listening online

Cantatas BWV 1-215 [The recordings are the Teldec collection which were recorded by Harnoncourt & Leonhardt]

David Zale

J.S. Bach – The Sacred Cantata – Performed by Pieter Jan Leusink

About Pieter Jan Leusink’s Bach Cantata Cycle, background information and mp3's

Leo Ditvoorst

The Silvis Woodshed

MIDI files of various Bach Cantatas & other vocal works

Silvis Woodshed

MIDI files of Bach Cantatas

MIDI files of about 15 cantatas, and also Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 & Johannes-Passion BWV 245

Yoshiko Fujimoto

Muse Data - Bach-Gesellschaft Editions of Bach's Cantatas

Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities at Stanford University – MIDI files & Scores

Walter B. Hewlett & Eleanor Selfridge-Field

J.S. Bach – MIDI Orgel

33 MIDI files (and some mp3’s) from Bach Cantatas & other vocal works

Ryo Masuda & Takako Masuda

Western Music Studies Database

MP3 files of a few cantatas & the Mass in B minor BWV 232


Classical Music Library

Free, online listening of the complete cycle of Bach Cantatas by the Bach-Collegium Stuttgart, Helmuth Rilling (conductor) as recorded by Hänssler [Subscription needed]


Complete Sets of Bach Cantatas on Spotify

Listen to complete recorded sets of the Bach Cantatas: Helmuth Rilling & Bach-Collegium Stuttgart ((1383 tracks, TT: 2 days); Masaaki Suzuki & Bach Collegium Japan (986 tracks, TT: 1 day); Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Monteverdi Choir & English Baroque Soloists (1029 tracks, TT: 2 days)

Ulysses Shi - Spotify Classical Playlists

More Complete Sets of Bach Cantatas + An Open Playlist

Listen to complete recorded sets of the Bach Cantatas: Harnoncourt & Leonhardt (1239 tracks); Pieter Jan Leusink, Holland Boys Choir & Netherlands Bach Collegium. (1219 tracks); Ton Koopman & Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir (956 tracks)

Ulysses Shi - Spotify Classical Playlists


Scores of the Cantatas




Bach Digital

Bach Digital is a digital library consisting of Johann Sebastian Bach's autograph manuscripts and original parts. Using advanced search options of works or sources, one can find high-resolution scans of the autograph manuscripts, as well as performance parts used by Bach and his copies of works by other composers.


The Figured Organ Player's Part to the Cantata, BWV 7

Cantata BWV 7

Teri Noel Towe

Scan Extract from Cantata 29

Cantata BWV 29

London Bach Society

J.S. Bach's Church Cantatas

Cantatas BWV 1-199 [Full Vocal Parts with Piano Accompaniment]

Yu Chao

J.S. Bach - The Sacred Cantata

Links to acrobat (.pdf) files of scores of the Bach cantate's from the Bach Gesamtausgabe, published by the Bach Gesellschaft in Leipzig, 1851-1899

Leo Ditvoorst

Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe Johann Sebastian Bach's Werke

For the first time in the history of the Bach-Society/ Leipzig the "Ancient Edition of the Works by Bach” appeared in a professional, digitalized form on three CD-ROM’s with its complete texts, musical notes, contents and facsimiles of about 16,800 pages

Fred Steltner

The defects of BGA CD-ROM

List of the mistakes in BGA scores from Fred Steltner and links to corrected PDFs.

Tutomu Nagamiya

BGA Scores

BGA scores compiled from The Digital Bach Edition by courtesy of CD Sheet Music™ . (To open the files ID & Password are required) [In progress]

Tutomu Nagamiya

CPDL - Choral Public Domain Library - J.S. Bach

CPDL - A Free Sheet Music Archive. The Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) is the largest website devoted exclusively to free choral sheet music. Begun in December 1998, the site has over 350 contributors and 9,300 scores.

Rafael Ornes

Johann Sebastian Bach - Die Capella-Sammlung

Cantatas BWV 1-224 in Capella format [Tobi's NotenArchiv]

Tobias Schölkopf

CCARH Publications: Scores & Parts

Score/Parts for Cantatas BWV 11, BWV 43, BWV 48, BWV 213, Chorales, Mass in B Minor, BWV 232, Brandenburg Concertos, in PDF format.


Organ transcriptions of cantata movements by J. S. Bach

Including organ transcriptions of many mvts. from Bach Cantatas, in PDF format.

Peter Baekgaard

Bach., Johann Sebastian (IMSLP)

BGA Scores


Bach Gesellschaft Download Page

The BGA volumes available for download in DJVU format.


California Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe Leipzig

The BGA volumes downloadable in PDF format.

Vincent Ho


The (almost) complete Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe in PDF (complete books) [Russian]


Books on the Cantatas




Bach Bibliography


Yo Tomita

J.S Bach Bibliography


Jan Koster

Bach Books


Simon Crouch


Other Sites on the Cantatas




The Cantatas of J. S. Bach - as applied to the Lectionary in the Book of Common Prayer and the Revised Common Lectionary

Lists the cantatas in the order of when they fall during the church year.Has an introduction outlining the historical context of these works as wll as a description of the instruments in use at that time

Jonathan Dimmrock

SWR - Die Kantaten von Johann Sebastian Bach Zum Bach-Jahr 2000 in der Reihe "Kantate"


Stichting Utrechtse BACH Cantatediensten


Robert Tausk

The Oboe and the Oboe d'amore in Bach's Church Cantatas


J. William Denton

Bach's fiauto and fiauto d'echo


David Lasocki

Home Page Jan Koster - selection of 19 favourite arias from the cantatas


Jan Koster

Beoordeling van de Cantates van Bach


Johan de Wael

J.S. Bach – cantatas with trumpets


Walter Roth

J.S. Bach Cantatas – Parody & Arrangement


Henny van der Groep

Arias from Bach Cantatas with English Horn Obligato

Article [PDF] [University of Colorado]

Frederick Meyer

The Schenker-Oppel Analyses Of Bach Cantatas

Article [University of North Texas]

Timothy Jackson

Johan Sebastian Bach: Cantatas

Articles & Websites related to Arts, Music, Composition, Composers, B, Bach, Johann Sebastian, Cantatas [Serebella Real Information] Team


The Cantatafinder is a free on-line search engine offering the complete set of Bach's sacred cantatas. Apart from core details such as title, instrumentation, occasion etc., it provides full-text search and some special features (incl. re-use of hymns). More specifically, the Cantatafinder serves as an index to the BCP releases of the SDG label as it tells you the volume and the exact track numbers of the cantata within the series. Here is an example (two results).

Alexander Behrens

Kantate Kalender

Bach Cantatas according to the Lutheran Chgurch Year [Blukfluit 7 Muziek] [Dutch]

Herman Kaldeway

Sundays in the lifetime of J.S. Bach

Lists of the Sundays in Bach's lifetime with their liturgical (lutheran/protestant) names.

Georg Fischer

La pàgina en català de J.S. Bach

Biografia, obres, fòrums i molt més. Traduccions al català de les cantates religioses. Les cantates, cada diumenge a Ràdio Estel. [Catalan]

Josep-Miquel Serra

Recopilación de J.S. Bach

Summary of cantatas of Bach, with scores and audio, in CD [Spanish]

Antonio Armendáriz Navarro

More Bach at Christmas

Recordings of Christmas Cantatas other than the Christmas Oratorio

Sandy Vaughan

Bach Cantatas for Online Listening

Bach Cantatas for Online Listening combines text, translation, commentaries and music already available to allow free, informed, online listening of the Bach Cantatas.

Dónal Ward


Prepared by Aryeh Oron (May 2000 - October 2016)

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