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Johann Theodor Roemhildt

The site is dedicated to the German Baroque composer Johann Theodor Roemhildt (1684-1756), who was based in Merseburg. He was was not only a contemporary of J.S.Bach, he also lived about 30 km from Leipzig [mostly German]

Birgit Abels & Klaus Langrock


Mailing List: Concert pianists, classical music. Our focus is on the great concert pianists, past, present, and budding, in recordings and recital, w/ Internet radio schedules of live or rare concerts


GMHof at YahooGroups

Cantata Schlage doch (BWV 53)

Yoël L. Arbeitman

Müzik Magazin

A classical music web site [Turkish]

Serhan Bali

IRIS Center

Center for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector, at the Department of Economics, University of Maryland

Thierry van Bastelaer

Science, philosophy and the fugue of the spheres - Zev Bechler

Contains information about Zev's books, seminars, woodworking-woodturning, contact information, press releases, etc. Zev Bechler is a professor for the history and philosophy of science in the Tel Aviv university and has published several books, such as Aristotle's Theory of Actuality, Newton's Physics and the Conceptual Structure of the Scientific Revolution and so on [Hebrew/English]

Zev Bechler

Jay H. Beder - Associate Professor

Personal Page at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Website

Jay H. Beder

Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity" human rights philosopher and poet


Leonardo Been

The Unofficial Ivo Pogorelich Fan Club

This website is dedicated to the best modern concert pianist in the world, Ivo Pogorelich. Pogorelich fans from around the world are urged to contribute their thoughts to this project's success

Julian Benedict

Stockholms Bachsällskap

The aim of the Stockholm Bach Society is to play one concert a month, 2-3 cantatas each time, and as close to the intended Sunday as possible. They play on historical instruments, and try and stay as true to the original versions/interpretations as possible, at least as far as they can know.

Katarina Bengtson

Photography / Steve Benson

Gallery of photographs

Steve Benson

Concordia Seminary Library

Concordia Seminary Library welcomes you. It is our desire to provide you with useful on-line information about the library and the services available to you

David O. Berger

Bach Agenda Nederland

Beper Bloenemdaal and Holland Boys Choir Weblog [Dutch]

Peter Bloemendaal

Roger Eveb Bove's Page

Economics and Finance Department, West Chester University, West Chester, PA, USA: Courses Webpages, Curriculum Vitae, Summer 2004 Photographs

Roger Even Bove, Ph.D.

Centre for Speech & Language / Department of Experimental Psychology / University of Cambridge

Dr Peter Bright Research Associate

Dr. Peter Bright

Classical Vinyl Artwork

This site is dedicated to Classical music which was performed and recorded during the "Golden Days" of 33 1/3 RPM vinyl records

Tom Brannigan

Audio Asylum - Immate Systems

Audio systems

Tom Brannigan

Alain Bruguières

Professeur à l'Université Montpellier II, Département de Mathématiques [French]

Alain Bruguières

Drora Bruck – MP3


Drora Bruck

I Ching Music

Composer & French Hornist Richard O. Burdick - Official Website

Richard Burdick

Boston Orpheus Ensemble

Boston Orpheus Ensemble - Sean Burton, Artistic Director

Sean Burton

Nuesrtro hij oye y habla…

Orientación en audición de padres a padres [Spanish]

Santiago Cardoso

Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Department, Dalhousie University

Research Team.

Balwantray Chauhan

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation: Chairs in Medical Research

Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Ophthalmology, Dr. Chauhan's own work focuses on the progession of glaucoma. Known for his leading research in this field, Dr. Balwantray Chauhan became our first Chair in Vision Research in 2001.

Balwantray Chauhan

Derek Chester

Official Website

Derek Chester

Derek Chester, Tenor

Mailing List at YahooGroups. The only place on the web for news, info, and recordings of tenor, Derek Chester. There are music files in the file section

Derek Chester

YahooBriefcase of Derek Chester

Includes sound files of Derek Chester's singing

Derek Chester

Pius Cheung - Marimba Artist, Marimbist & Composer

Official Website - biography, repertoire, performance, music store, gallery, quotes, lessons, links, contact

Pius Cheung

Musicians Connected

Musicians Connected is Worldwide network created by Musicians for Musicians. Web site for Connecting Musicians of ALL ages, levels and abilities Classical Music Focus (including Jazz, Folk, Celtic, etc.)


Christoph Graupner Information Site

This site is meant to be a forum for research into the work of Graupner, and promote publication, concert performances, and recordings of his music.

Kim Patrick Clow

Sovereign Editions - Graupner Perfoming Editions Project

It is with great excitement to announce the publication of Christoph Graupner's music in modern performing editions. It is our goal by December 2011 to issue Christoph Graupner's Ouvertures, Sinfonias, and specific cantatas, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of his becoming Kapellmeister. [Under Construction]

Kim Patrick Clow

Some of Bach

I love Bach’s music in any form and this is where I collect performances of his works. When I say “collect”, that means saving a link to any interesting (video) performance of his works.

Marius Coomans

Personal Page

About Myself; Linciau / Links

Robin Crag

Classical Kids - A Symphony of Stories for all Ages

An adapatation of his scripts for "Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery" and "Hallelujah Handel" for live performance

Douglas Cowling

Hallelujah Handel

An Adaptation of the Händel production as a children's book [CBC Children’s Book Council]

Douglas Cowling

Harry W. Crosby: Gateway To Alta California and other books

Official Website: Most recent work; About the author; Bookshelf; Comments & questions

Harry W. Crosby

Simon Crouch's Home Page

Those of you who already know me will not be in the least surprised that most of this site is dedicated to my ramblings about J. S. Bach

Simon Crouch


Personal Home Page with pictures of Renaissance Italian instrument (Lira da braccio, Fagott, Hautbois, etc.)


Luke Dahn - composer & theorist

Official Website, including: biography, compoaitions, blog, course material, Bach page, and more

Luke Dahn



Richard L. Danley

Grand Canyon Photography


Richard L. Danley

The Startyger

2 very long pieces of fiction by Richard L. Danley

Richard L. Danley

Chez Anne

Personal Website [French]

Anne DeBlois

Mark DeGarmeaux Home Page

Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary home page, and more about Lutheran church and liturgy, and also links to our hymnbook that has many chorales

Mark DeGarmeaux

Ewald Demeyere Klavecinist Claveciniste Harpsichordist

Homepage, CDs & critics, Concerts [Dutch, French, English]

Ewald Demeyere

S.S. de Silva - My Home Page

Personal Home Page

Santu de Silva (Archimedes)

I Could be TOTALLY Wrong, but…

A blog that talks about almost everything, in particular current events, classical music, art, dance, drama, film and theater, books, education, science, mathematics, sports, and the environment. As time goes on, we'll eliminate the topics steadily until we stop being interested in anything at all.

Santu de Silva (Archimedes)

L'EVEILLEUR - le Site de Paul Dirmeikis

Poésie & romans, Musique, Oeuvre graphique, Actualité - Liens – Contact, Biographie [French]

Paul Dirmeikis

J.S. Bach – The Sacred Cantata – Performed by Pieter Jan Leusink

About Pieter Jan Leusink’s Bach Cantata Cycle, background information and mp3's

Leo Ditvoorst

Armağan'ın Fakirhanesi

Mostly based on semi-humorous literary translations and a joke in MIDI (with a little fughetta in it). Almost no Bach-related stuff [Turkish]

Armagan Ekici

Elegance & Simplicity Photography

New England landscapes, wooden boats and races, press photography

Emily L. Ferguson

New England Beetle Cat Boat Association

Beetle cats on the web

Emily L. Ferguson

Sundays in the lifetime of J.S. Bach

Lists of the Sundays in Bach's lifetime with their liturgical (lutheran/protestant) names.

Georg Fischer

Morris Conservatory Artistic Leadership

Founder and Executive Director of the Morris Conservatory

Edwin Foster

Les Fradkin Website

Official Website

Les Fradkin

Reverbation: Les Fradkin

Les Fradkin

Les Fradkin on Facebook


Les Fradkin

Les Fradkin Channel on YouTube


Les Fradkin

The Keyboard Temperament of J.S. Bach

Article in Eunomios – An Open Online Journal for Theory, Analysis and Semiotics of Music

John Charles Francis

Keyboard Tuning of Johann Sebastian Bach


John Charles Francis

Music of Sacred Temperament

A comprehensive web page about WTC. There are enigmas, stories and music

Iori Fujita

Music of Desire

Kreisleriana: Secret, Enigma, Listen to MIDI; Music of Intellect; Music in the Air

Iori Fujita

The Well Tempered Clavier

A Comment for The Well-Tempered Clavier - by Count Hermann Carl von Keyserlingk in 1744

Iori Fujita


Gene Gaudette's Blog

Gene Gaudette

Collegium Cantorum Köln

Choir Website [German], including Links to J.S. Bach sites, Article on Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, Christmas Oratorio, and more

Thomas Gebhardt

Kirchenmusik An Christ König & St. Bernhard, Köln-Longerich


Thomas Gebhardt


Official Website of the Dutch choir [Dutch]

drs. Arjen K. van Gijssel

Linda Gingrich, conductor, composer, author, Bach researcher:

Official web stie, including concert schedule, past performances, compositions, research activities

Linda Gingrich

Dr. Uri Golomb, Musicologist

Official Website: Biography; Articles; Materials; Services

Uri Golomb

Uri Golomb - Biography

Biography on the BCW

Uri Golomb

john grant - Download MP3 Music for Free - Music

MP3 Downloads of Well-Tempered Clavier. Artist Born 1953. Bach's WTC is the greatest solo keyboard music ever written.

John Grant A Glance: John Lewis Grant

MP3 Downloads of Well-Tempered Clavier

John Grant

Canal Akadémie: Moi, Jean-Sébastien Bach

Short Biography; Book Description; Music

Jean-Pierre Grivois

Music & Nature

Parodies of J.S. Bach, D. Shostakovich & Works of Beethoven

Henny van der Groep & Egbert Baars

Home Page of Jim Groeneveld

Professional activities; Academic education; Main hobbies (music) [English/Dutch]


The Andreas Scholl Society

This independent, non-commercial site was the first on the web about the countertenor Andreas Scholl. It is the collective effort of the members and friends of SchollSoc

Jill Gunsell

Bach Scholar, the world's premier Bach tempo scientist

The world's most trusted resource for teachers, students, scholars, and those who wish to solve the problem of tempo in Bach's music. Bach Scholar™ is the product of 16 years of scientific research by a musical scholar with a life-long interest in Bach’s music and over thirty years performing experience as a virtuoso pianist.

Cory Hall

OAK - web-authoring service

Website development service for classical music artists. Including: Bernhard Landauer, Dominique Visse, Bernd Lambauer

Emiko Hall

Francine Renee Hall Website

Personal Website: A short biography; Academic CV; A Formalistic Approach to W H Auden's Musee des Beaux Arts; Stereotypes in Fielding's Amelia and Thackeray's Vanity Fair; Reviews on

Francine Renee Hall

Francine Renée Hall from Chicago

Personal Website: Biography; some photos

Francine Renee Hall

The Reneissance Motet

Essay (1973)

Francine Renee Hall

J.S. Bach Home Page

Biographic information combined with fotos and touristic information; a small but interesting bibliography and a section discussing recordings of Bach's works; a timeline and some Bach-Portraits enclosed; the complete catalogue of Bach's works

Jan Hanford & Jan Koster


Internet Music Without the Guilt - Magnatude, the open music record label

Jan Hanford

Diskussionsforum J.S. Bach und die Cantata Pilgrimage 2000 und sonstige Klassik-Themen

Meinungsaustausch über J.S. Bach die Cantata Pilgrimage 2000 durchgeführt von Sir J.E. Gardiner im Bachjahr 2000 und sonstige Klassik-Themen von der Renaissance bis zur Romantik. Weiterhin werden die Themen: Orgel, Vokalmusik und Instrumentalmusik, News, CD's, Kritiken, Konzertbesuche-Bewertungen, Biographien von Dirigenten, Orchestern und Solisten im Diskussionsforum behandelt. Fotos und begleitende Texte zu den Wirkungsstätten von J.S. Bach stehen zur Verfügung. [German]

Volker Hege

Peter Henderson - Rambles

Peter Henderson, the man who created the Rambles Around Black Mountain web site and The Skeptical Beginner's Guide to the Book of Revelation has picked up his guitar and recorded some songs…

Peter Henderson

Website van Eduard van Hengel

Personal Website: luistergidsen, De Swaen & cantates, musicologie, filosofie [Dutch]

Eduard van Hengel

Piano Music…


Hiroyuki Tanaka

J.S. Bach's Music with Piano


Hiroyuki Tanaka

Opera Today

Opera Today is a website devoted to all things relating to opera and vocal performance. Our purpose is to provide news, commentary, information and other resources that enhance your enjoyment and understanding of this great artistic genre.

Gary Hoffman

Musica Sacra

Musica Sacra is one of New Zealand's most successful choirs. Our passion is for excellent performances of the best sacred music from the past and the present.

Indra Hughes

Indrea Hughes

Official Website: Indra Hughes is one of New Zealand's most accomplished and versatile musicians. He enjoys an enviable international reputation for his work as a choir trainer, organist, writer, broadcaster and Bach scholar. This website includes a wide range of information about Indra and his musical activities.

Indra Hughes

Composers: Contemporary Voices: Gabriel Jackson

Personal Page at BMIC

Gabriel Jackson

Real Time for the Real World

My personal manifesto about the widely misunderstood field of real-time computing...

E. Douglas Jensen

Bonar På Dansk


Marie Jensen


We will be featuring recordings of early music. Currently we have two recordings by Italian harpsichordist Chiara Massini. She has very high technical skills but the timing of her playing is from the heart and not a metronome. One critic said she makes all other harpsichordists seem dull by comparison.

Edward S. Jeter

Site d'information sur la nouvelle orthographe française [French].

Raymond Joly

Art and Music

Official Website. Along my dedication to my profession, both Music & Arts have a considerable impact during my daily busy life. Music and Arts enrich and surround me day by day making me happy and much more productive. Without Music & Arts, life is not life.

Dr Teddy Kaufman

Bach Radio

Otto’s Baroque Musick

Oto Klesz

The Three Hautes-Contre

Mark Padmore, Jean-Paul Fouchcourt, Paul Agnew, & Rodrigo del Pozo

Galina Kolomietz

Antony Kozar

Offical Website, including: music, original software, non-original software, csound for mac classic, csound for mac os x, lode runner

Antony Kozar

Andrzej Kozłowski, BSc (Warwick), DPhil (Oxford)

Personal Website: Matematyka Finansowa (Financial Mathematics), Topologia (Topology), Mathematica

Andrzej Kozlowski

BachSite - BachZeit

Personal website of Joel H. Kuznik - Board Member, Bach Foundation, Holy Trinity, NYC. Author and music critic, published in four journals. Includes articles about Bach Festival Leipzig 2003, 2004

Joel H. Kuznik

Jean Laaninen - My Home Page

Personal Website; Interviews; Personal Interests; Writings; Photo Gallery

Jean Laaninen

Richard A.A. Larraga - conductor, arranger, teacher

Official Website

Richard A.A. Larraga

WETA FM 90.9 Blog » Jens F. Laurson

Blog & Reviews

Jens F. Laurson

Reason Magazine - Contributors > Jens F. Laurson


Jens F. Laurson

Bradley Lehman‘s Home Page

Professional and Personal pages: essays, photos, productions, solo CDs for sale, etc.

Dr. Bradley Lehman

Resume (Music): Dr. Bradley Lehman

Music resume

Dr. Bradley Lehman

Lehmann's Music Profile

Profile & Recently Listened Tracks at

Laurent Lehmann

Henri Nicolay Levinspuhl

Personal Website [Portuguese]

Henri N. Levinspuhl

Rodrigo Maffei Libonati

Short Stories, Translations, Reviews, Articles, Commented Discographies, Miscellany, Links, About Me, etc.

Rodrigo Maffei Libonati

Edward's Rambling Blog

Blog. This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.
Edward Lilley

Edward's Lilley Homepage

Personal page
Edward Lilley

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Lutheran Pastor at LCMS
Tom Lock


artyfakt searches a holistic approach to the arts in their intercultural and interdisciplinary aspects. We want to follow the closer sense of tradition, the process of take - enjoy - give or learn - apply - teach. accordingly, artyfakt's aim is to accommodate research - presentation - education in close connection
Thomas Manhart

Artyfakt Mailing List (YahhoGroups)

Group for intercultural arts. We want to promote cultural exchange, research, presentation and education in germany and southeast asia. At the same time we hope to broaden our area of activities by including new friends and partners [English/German]

Thomas Manhart


Language, Soul,Universally - Music... It is the language of the soul, and speaks to us, universally, across all that divides us. It is the language of emotion, a catalyst that can take us from our immediate surroundings and transport, effortlessly, into times that remind us of love, of happiness, of grief, of fervour, and of beauty remembered. I am not a professional musician, but it does come from the heart. [under construction]

Jeremy Martin

Bach Society of Queensland

About Us; Director of Music (Neil Mason); Membership Details; Performance Details; Newsletter

Neil Mason

Concordia Publishing House


Paul T. McCain

A Painting That Preaches Christ

This blog site is devoted to the study and promotion of the Weimar Altar painting, begun by Lucas Cranach the Elder, and completed by his son, Lucas Cranach the Younger, in 1555. It is one of the finest examples of art that originated from the Lutheran Reformation in the 16th century and is a magnificent proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul T. McCain


Read my blog: Kirkville - Musings, Opinion and Miscellanea, on Macs, iPods and more

Kirk McElhearn

J.S. Bach

J. S. Bach and the Bach Recordings and Bach Cantatas Mailing Lists; The Early Music Recordings Mailing List; Bach Recordings Reviews and Bach Book Reviews

Kirk McElhearn

Aussie Musician


David McKay

The Haydn Pages


David McKay

The Cantatas of J.S. Bach - A listener and student guide

A series of carefully researched essays on the cantatas with comments upon every movement.

Julian Mincham

Jane’s Treasures

Embroidery; William Bates; Quilts; Andrew A. Bonar; Thomas Manton; My No. 1 support; Living with breast cancer; Painting; My source of strength; J.S. Bach – My favourite composer

Jane Newble

Life and Ministry of Andrew A.Bonar

A life devoted to Jesus Christ (1810-1892)

Jane Newble

Tobias Nilsson - countertenor

Official Website [Swedish/English]

Tobias Nilsson

Bach Cantatas Website


Aryeh Oron

Original Abu-Gosh Music Festival Website


Aryeh Oron

Otto’s Baroque Musick

Early Music Radio


André Papillon

Personal page at Faculté de musique de l'Université Laval [French]

André Papillon

fotografie pieter pannevis

Personal Home Page [Dutch]

Pieter Pannevis

lettres de mon moulin


Pieter Pannevis

Christian Panse - Baß & Baßbariton für “Alte Musik”

Personal Home Page [German]

Christian Panse

Elizabeth Parcells

Official Website

Charlie Parciii

Welcome to Bach_Cantatas

Home Page of a discussion group for Bach's Sacred Music performed in a traditional format

Boyd Pehrson

Early Music News

Your Link to the International Early Music World

Marc Paré

A yeas with Bach

A trip through the year looking at a Bach cantata each week. Comments, discussions, musings, wibblings are all welcome. [Blog]

Laurence Price

Die Kunst der Fuge - how small a thought it takes to fill a whole life

A brand new page which is completely dedicated to Die Kunst der Fuge. Its main content will be many many reviews (or rather descriptions) of records from my collection, and several essays, pictures, links and anything that is interesting enough

Thomas Radleff

John M. Reese, Composer

Personal Home Page, including: over 200 original MIDI files, Bach reconstruction project, and more

John M. Reese

The art of the fugue’s Home Page

haven't started building my site yet. Please check back soon!

Juozas Rimas


The Driemler Music Website on the Net - DoveSong.Com is a public educational service dedicated to providing information about the great music traditions of the world... classical and folk music that touches the spirit.

Don Robertson

Rare Roses


Chris Rowson

Evangelical Web Page

Questo Sito WWW intende raccogliere e presentare materiali di discussione sul protestantesimo da Lutero, il quale sarà il nostro teologo di riferimento, alla sua attuale realtà. Quest'argomento è relativamente desueto in Italia, spero pertanto che la grande Rete possa dare, con l'aiuto di Dio, un impulso alla diffusione delle idee evangeliche [Mostly Italian]

Giorgio Ruffa

Sacontala Publishers

Sacontala Publishers publish genuine books about classical music and sheet music.

Antti Sairanen


astronomia - musica - literatura - historia [Portuguese]

Leonardo Santos

Sociedad Bach do Brazil


Leonardo Santos

Thomas Savary - Correcteur Professionnel

Official Website [French]

Thomas Savary

Rémi Schulz présente

Perec: Ce repère; Bach: La plus belle histoire jamais comptée; Elisabeth Lovendale: Tout sur la fabuleuse affaire!; Ellery Queen: The King; Gondol: La collection Pierre de Gondol; Divers: Roussel, Rabelais, Latins, Le Goff… [French]

Rémi Schulz

Plöner Kantorei


Henrich "Henner" Schwerk

Friends of Radio 3 (ForR3)

Friends of Radio 3 (FoR3) is a listeners' group whose main aims are to promote BBC Radio 3 and convey listeners' views on station output to the BBC.

Mark Sealy

Daniel Leo Simpson - Composer

Official Website

Daniel Leo Simpson

J.S. Bach's Secular Cantatas

Dedicated Bach's Secular Cantatas [In Progress], including: A brief introduction to J.S. Bach's Secular Cantatas and links to more Bach information; A review of every single secular cantata of J.S. Bach, with synopses, texts in German and English, and MIDI files; Recordings of Bach's Christmas Oratorio Reviewed.

Luke Swartz

Luke Swartz's Homepage

Personal website, includes: biography, blog, about Stanford and West Lag, etc.

Luke Swartz

Aaron Sheehan

Biography at Fortunes Whell Website

Aaron Sheehan

Wellesley College Music Department: Aaron Sheehan

Biography at Wellesley College Music Department Website

Aaron Sheehan

American Bach Soloists: Aaron Sheehan

Biography at American Bach Soloists Website

Aaron Sheehan

Boston Cecilia: Guest Artist Aaron Sheehan, tenor

Biography at Bostone Cecilia Website

Aaron Sheehan

Handel and Haydn Society : Aaron Sheehan, tenor

Biography at Handel and Haydn Society Website

Aaron Sheehan

Look Both Ways - Microclimates and Supernovae by David Sherr and The Art Music Ensemble

CD review by Jennifer Paul (MusicWeb)

David Sherr

Fascinating music - Works by Luciano Berio and David Sherr

CD review by Patric Standford (Music & Vision)

David Sherr

David Sherr's ArtMusic Ensemble Look Both Ways

CD details (Innova Recordings)

David Sherr

Cembalo e tastiere antiche at YahooGroups

Un gruppo di discussione per gli amanti di cembalo, clavicytherium, clavicordo, spinetta, virginale, muselaar, lautenwerk, tiorbino, claviorgano. Il gruppo vuole diventare anche un sito di riferimento per chi si avvicina per la prima volta a questi strumenti o per chi vuole saperne di piu': a questo proposito si cercherà di avere all' interno del sito file e link interessanti per gli approfondimenti. Sono graditissime per questo intento aggiunte da parte degli iscritti di foto, documenti, spartiti, siti e recensioni di concerti. L' iscrizione è libera e revocabile in qualsiasi momento. Al momento dell' iscrizione l' operazione può essere molto semplice se si possiede un indirizzo di posta yahoo ( Free subscription. Si raccomanda caldamente il rispetto delle regole di netiquette. [Italian]

Franz Silvestri

Juneau Bach Society

Official website of the ensemble directed by Bruce Simonson

Bruce Simonson

Lectionary Central

For the study and use of the traditional western lectionary (including thelogical commentaries on some of Bach’s cantatas)

David E.G. Smith

Martin Spaink - Sampurna

Personal page: Tanpura (tambura) accompaniment, classes and maintenance

Martin Spaink

Andreas Sparschuh

Personal page [German]

Andreas Sparschuh

Scripture Sudies

A journal of exposition and study of the Bible

Scott Sperling


Briefcase: Pictures, Music

Adam Strange

Connie's Violin Page

Internet resources for violinists, string teachers, parents and students.

Connie M. Sunday

Dorset Bach Cantata Club (DBCC)

The Dorset Bach Cantata Club exists to further the study of the canon of the Bach Cantatas and related works on three study weekends a year in Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England.
It is an "open" site: there are no bars to membership although the Club is unlikely to appeal to those who cannot reach it. Any BCML member would be welcome to take up a temporary membership if their circumstances enabled them to do so - i.e. members on holiday in England.

Russell Telfer

Matthew B. Tepper's Home Page

Personal home page: science fiction, classical music, ducks!

Matthew B. Tepper

The Hector Berlioz Page

This site is devoted to this misunderstood French composer

Matthew B. Tepper

Bach Cantatas

Essays on Bach Cantatas [Japanese]

Nagamiya Tutomu

Teri Noel Towe Home Page

Applejack Farm, Johann Sebastian Bach, The Handel's House Museum, Where "Messiah" Was Composed, Deerfield Academy and the Great Class of 1966, The Face Of Bach, and more

Teri Noel Towe

Andreas Scholl Website

Countertenor Andreas Scholl: Biography & News, Discography, Concert Schedule, Concert Reviews, Articles & Interviews, and more

Stephanie Triska

Sheet music available for free

Here you can find modern editions of a lot of music from the 17th and 18th century, many of them not available in any other modern form. If you would like to print all music (including all versions and parts) on this page, you would currently need 3554 pages

Johan Tufvesson

Trinity Episcopal Church

Including details of First San Diego performances on period instruments J.S. Bach St. John Passion BWV 245

Ruben Valenzuela

Bach Collegium San Diego

The Bach Collegium San Diego was founded in the Fall of 2002 by conductor/musicologist Ruben Valenzuela with the purpose of providing San Diego with historically informed performances of the works of J.S. Bach and his contemporaries

Ruben Valenzuela

Orpheon Foundation

Museum of Historical Musical Instruments - In the service of a living tradition: A future for our past, a past for our future

Jose Vazquez

musica Dei donum

Welcome to my site, which is devoted to early music

Johan van Veen

Heidi van der Veer Home on the web! On HEIDIVA.COM you can view Ms. Van der Veer's promotional information, such as her Resume, Bio, Repertoire List and Calendar of Events. You may also find more information about the performing of arts-related services the HEIDIVA COMPANY offers, such as Diction Coaching, Drama Coaching, Public Speaking, Etiquette Instruction, Wedding Services, National Anthem, and Career Development Opportunities. And at the Van der veer Music Studio, we offer Singing Lessons and Piano Instruction.

Heidi van der Veer

Heidi Van der Veer Veer Resume

Resume at All Saints Episcopal Church in Carmel, CA.

Heidi van der Veer

Claudio Di Veroli

harpsichord, organ, piano, fortepiano; Specialist in Baroque French and German music; Available for performance and teaching worldwide (Official Website)

Claudio Di Veroli

Beoordeling van de Cantates van Bach

Een voorstelling van een nieuwe evaluatiemethode om de cantates van J. S. Bach met elkaar te kunnen vergelijken. Waarop moet men letten om deze muziek met waardering te beluisteren? [Dutch]

Johan De Wael

Jyrki Wahlstedt

Personal Website: Essays and Thoughts; CV; Photos; Hobbies

Jyrki Wahlstedt

Neil Walker Enjoy the Reviewer's Bio

Biography, Recording Reviews

Neil Walker


News, reviews, music, world calendar & more

Matthew Westphal (Editor)

Wellington - St. Paul's Lutheran Church

St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Wellington, New Zealand (Official Website)

Pastor Mark Whitfield BTh MSM

Homepage van ds. Dick Wursten

Personal homepage, including a link to his Bach, leven en werk site, and more stuff about Bach, especially some links to theological and liturgical background information to some cantatas

Dick Wursten

Kevin's Veriuni Store Home

You can get a lot of things here. I love the coffee!

Kevin Zabbo

Music of Bach - Collection of the Complete Bach Cantatas available for listening online

Cantatas BWV 1-199 [The recordings are the Teldec collection which were recorded by Harnoncourt & Leonhardt]

David Zale

William Zeitler - Composer - Glass Armonica - Piano

Official Website

William Zeitler

The Glass Armonika

History; CDs; Videos; Blog; Other

William Zeitler



Prepared by Aryeh Oron (October 2001 - June 2015)

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