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Members of Bach Cantatas Mailing List (BCML), Bach Recordings Mailing List (BRML) & Bach Musicology Mailing List (BMML) & Contributors to the Bach Cantatas Website (BCW)

Total number of members (March 24, 2012):
Bach Cantatas Mailing List (BCML): 986
Bach Recordings Mailing List (BRML): 904
Bach Musicology Mailing List (BMML): 299

Profiles - Part 1: A-G

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Antoni Sàbat i Aguilera
Knitting engineer (retired)
L’Espluga de Francolí
Catalonia (Spain)
Joined: February 2009

Health Care worker
Joined: March 2003

Emanuele Antonacci
Bank worker
Pescara, Italia
Contributor: since November 2005

Philippe Bareille
Joined: June 2002


Thierry van Bastelaer
Economist & semi-professional singer with Washington Bach Consort
Joined: September 2002
IRIS Center

Steve Benson
Photographer and writer
Philmont, NY, USA
Joined: January 2004
Photography / Steve Benson

Eric Bergerud, PhD
Historian and Writer
Albany CA, USA
Joined: September 2004

Peter Bloemendaal
Teacher, Singer with P.J. Leusink's Holland Boys Choir
The Netherlands
Joined: October 1999


Saúl Botero-Restrepo
Teacher of History of Modern Philosophy and Philolosphy of Science in the National University of Colombia, Bogotá (retired)
Bogotá, Colombia
Contributed: since February 2012

Peter Bright
Joined: October 1999
Centre for Speech & Language

Francis Browne
Classics teacher
Joined: January 2002

Alain Bruguières
Professor of Mathematics, Université Montpellier II, France
Joined: April 2005
Alain Bruguières


Richard Burdick
1st Horn Regina Symphony, Composer & recording artist
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Joined: March 2006
I Ching Music

Kim Patrick Clow
Content Editor for a music data mining company, music editor as a hobbist.
: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Joined: 2008
Christoph Graupner

René de Cocq
Retired arts editor for a group of regional newspapers; free-lance music journalist for several magazines and papers (CD and concert reviews)
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Contributor: since October 2001

Lorenzo Conejo Avilés
Madrid, Spain
Joined: February 2003



Evan Cortens
PhD in Musicology (Cornell University)
London, Ontario, Canada
Joined: November 2007
Evan Cortens - Musicologist, Lecturer, Developer

Douglas Cowling
Writer & Musician
Director of Music, Church of the Messiah
Member of Tallis Choir of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Joined: 2003

Robin Crag
Studying A-levels: Maths, Biology, Chemistry
Wales (UK)
Joined: January 2002
Harry W. Crosby
Historian of Spanish California
Teacher, Photographer, Father & Grandfather
La Jolla, California, USA
Joined: May 2006
Harry W. Crosby: Gateway To Alta California and other books



Santu de Silva (Archimedes)
Professor of Mathematics
Lycoming College
Pennsylvania, USA
Joined: December 1999
S.S. de Silva - My Home Page

Paul Dirmeikis
Poet, composer, painter, teacher
Joined: April 2003
L'EVEILLEUR - le Site de Paul Dirmeikis

Leo Ditvoorst
The Netherlands
Joined: 2000
J.S. Bach - The Sacred Cantata - Performed by P.J. Leusink
Branislav Djordjevic
Ph.D. Physicist.
Falls Church, USA.
Joined: March 2004


Willem van Erk
Sen. advisor at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Collector of BWV-244's
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Joinded: 2004 or 2005

Paul Farseth
Computer Systems Analyst with interests/competencies in Health Insurance Information Systems and "Data Warehouse" tools
Minnesota, USA
Joined: August 2001

Mitsuo Fukuda
Executive director of fittings company
Joined: February 2003
drs. Arjen K. van Gijssel
Head International Monetary Affairs Division, Dutch Treasury
The Netherlands
Joined: 2002


Dr. Uri Golomb
PhD in Musicology at Cambridge University, UK
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Joined: May 2002
Uri Golomb (BCW)

 Jean-Pierre Grivois
Museums equipment; Writing about J.S. Bach & translating
Cantatas & Passions in the Note to Note Format; Playing some organ
Contributor: since February 2003
Canal Akadémie: Moi, Jean-Sébastien Bach

Profiles of Members & Contributors: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | Add Your Profile

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If you are a member of the BCML/BRML/BMML and/or contributor to the BCW, and your profile is not yet included in this page, you are invited to contribute your profile. The needed details are: photo (jpg format, 180x235 pixels), name, occupation, town/country, when you joined the Bach List, personal website (if you have any). If you do not want your photo to appear, it is also acceptable. Simply write 'No photo'. Please send the details and the photo to my personal e-mail address: and not to the Bach Lists.


Aryeh Oron
Bach and Jazz Music Fan
WebMaster of Bach Cantatas Website
RingMaster of J.S. Bach Web Ring
Moderator of Bach Cantatas Mailing List (BCML)
Moderator of Bach Recordings Mailing List (BRML)
Moderator of Bach Musicology Mailing List (BMML)
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