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Capella Savaria (Baroque Instrumental Ensemble)

Founded: 1981 - Szombathely, Hungary

The Capella Savaria (Szombathely) was founded in 1981 by Pál Németh. Their aim is to play 17th and 18th century music using the documents of the period. The play on authentic instruments with copies of bows of the epoch, studying the instrumental tutors of the Baroque era, referring to articulation, embellishment and, in wider sense, the characteristic sound of the whole period. The basis of the ensemble is strings, which are joined by other instruments as required. The string section are genuine 17th and 18th century instruments. The ensemble repertoire consists mainly of works from the first half of the 18th century, but also includes music from the 17th century and the Viennese Classics. They perform works ranging from solo pieces to operas by Monteverdi to W.A. Mozart, for any number or combination of players. Alongside the main schools of this period (Italian, French, German and English works), they also include Hungarian works.

They give concerts both in Hungary and abroad. They broadcast regularly on Hungarian Radio and Television and have appeared on Radio and Television in Austria, Bavaria, Poland and East Germany as well as broadcasting with the West German NDR. Concert appearances include Austria, East and West Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Holland, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. In 1987 they took part in the Händel-Festspiele in Göttingen with performances of Il Pastor fido, also giving an orchestral concert.

The Capella Savaria since 1984 have been supported by the Savaria Museum Friends of Early Music.

Since 1983 the Capella Savaria have regularly recorded with Hungaroton. On three occasions so far (1989), in 1986, 1987 and 1988, their recording have won the ‘Record of the Year’ Hungarian prize: Antonio Vivaldi: Concertos & Sinfonias (1986), George Frideric Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48 (1987), G.F. Handel: St. John Passion (1988). Their recordings on the Hungaroton label also include: J.S. Bach: Coffee & Peasant Cantatas; Baroque Christmas Concertos & Cantatas; A. Vivaldi: Concertos with Jaap Schröder; G.F. Handel: Atalanta.


Source: Liner notes to the CD ‘J.S. Bach: Cantatas No. 56 & No.82’ conducted by Pál Németh (Hungaroton, 1985); Liner notes to the CD ‘J.S. Bach: Cantatas Nos. 57, 58, 59 & 152’ conducted by Pál Németh (Hungaroton, 1989)
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Aryeh Oron (August 2001, January 2002)

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Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Zoltán Kocsis-Holper


Video (2013): BWV 4

Nicholas McGegan


G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48
G.P. Telemann: Brockes Passion, TWV 5:1

Renato Negri


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Mary Terey-Smith


J.F. Fasch: Brockes-Passion, FWV F:1

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