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Georg Frideric Handel
Brockes Passion, HWV 48


HWV 48

German Title

Brockes Passion (Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus)

English Title

Passion after Barthold Heinrich Brockes (Jesus who Suffered and Died for the Sins of the World)


Oratorio Passion for Good Friday


Composed by Georg Frideric Handel - London, c1715-1716 ?
1st performance (no performances documented until):
Date unknown (possibly March 23, 1719 at Hamburg Cathedral) or
April 3 (Tuesday in Holy Week), 1719, Hamburg Reventher Dom .
Repeated March 20, 1721, Hamburg Drillhaus
Repeat Hamburg performance Lenten Season 1722 (no date or venue cited)
15 movements in omnibus Brockes Pasticcio Passion, March 22, 26, 28 & 30, 1722 (no Hamburg venue cited)
Possible Hamburg repeated Lenten Season 1723
Repeated Good Friday, March 26, 1723 at Lüneberg
Repeated April 5, 1724, Hamburg Drillhaus.
Repeat performances: Hamburg, 1719, 1722, 1723 and 1730 in series of passion performances, with the Brockes text being presented for artistic comparison in four different settings (of R. Keiser, G.P. Telemann, G.F. Handel and J. Mattheson) on a series of four evenings.

Performances by J.S. Bach:
1st performance: Good Friday April 8, 1746 - Leipzig (prepared for performance by J.S. Bach)
2nd performance: Good Friday August 1748 - October 1749 - Leipzig
Pasticcio Passion, based on Markus-Passion by Friedrich Nicolaus Brauns [previously attributed to Reinhard Keiser] with insertion of 7 arias from Brockes Passion by G.F. Handel - Good Friday April 31, 1747 or April 12, 1748 - Thomaskirche, Leipzig


Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1712)
Handel made slight word modifications in the Brockes text, and set only 106 movements, omitting occasional repetitive trio-aria commentaries, such as No. 107, Faithful Soul aria. Handel also set the Faithful Soul aria, No. 109 as a duet for two sopranos, and the Centurion tenor aria, No. 113, How can it be that when the sky weeps, for the Faithful Soul soprano. Handel provides only the first stanza of the three-stanza concluding chorale, No. 117, I am a member of your body.

German Text | Translations: English-3


Soloists: 4 Sopranos, 4 Altos, 3 Tenors, 5 Basses; 4-part Chorus
Orchestra: 2 oboes, 2 bassons, 2 violins, viola, basso continuo

Evangelist - Tenor
Jesus - Bass
Maria - Soprano
3 mujeres - Soprano
Tochter Zion - Soprano
Alma - Soprano
Jakobus - Alto
Johannes - Alto
Judas - Alto
Alma - Alto
Petrus - Tenor
Alma - Tenor
Caiphas - Bass
Pilatus - Bass
Kriegsknecht - Bass
Alma - Bass



BGA: - | NBA: - | BC: | HG edition: 15 | HHA edition: I/7 | CB 52 | First Published:




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Complete Recordings
Recordings of Individual Movements

Brockes-Passion - Discussions


Complete Recordings


Handel: Brockes Passion


G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48

August Wenzinger

Regensburger Domchor / Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (on modern instruments)

Soprano [Tochter Zion] Maria Stader; Soprano [Maria / Gläubige Seele]: Edda Moser; Counter-tenor [Johannes / Judas / Gläubige Seele]: Paul Esswood; Tenor [Evangelist / Gläubige Seele]: Ernst Haefliger; Tenor [Peter]; Jerry J. Jennings; Bass [Jesus]: Theo Adam; Bass [Caiphas / Pilate / Hauptmann / Gläubige Seele]: Jakob Stämpfli

DGG 413922
Archiv Produktion 463644-2

Summer 1967

4-LP / TT:
3-CD / TT: 182:26

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3-CD: | |
Music Download:


Handel: Brockes Passion [P-1]


G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48

Paul Steinitz

London Bach Society (Chorus) / Steinitz Bach Players

Tenor [Evangelist]: Ian Partridge; Baritone: John Noble; Soprano: Hazel Holt; Soprano: Margaret Field; Soprano: Shelagh Molyneux; Counter-tenor: Timothy Penrose; Christopher Brown; Tenor: Neil Jenkins; Bass: Colin Wheatley

UK Broadcast

Mar 23, 1974

Radio Recording

Radio recording of concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, England.
Source: Ian Partridge - UK Broadcasts 1963-1976


Handel: Brockes Passion [P-1]
Handel: Brockes Passion; Johannes Passion

G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48 [149:30]

Nicholas McGegan (Harpsichord, Conductor)

Stadtsingechor Halle (Choir Master: Dorothea Kohler) / Capella Savaria

Tenor [Evangelist]: Martin Klietmann; Baritone [Jesus]: István Gáti; Soprano [Tochter Zion]: Mária Zádori; Soprano: Éva Bártfai-Bárta; Soprano: Katalin Farkas; Counter-tenor: Drew Minter; Counter-tenor: Péter Baján; Counter-tenor: Tamás Csányi; Contralto: Éva Lax; Tenor: János Bándi; Tenor: Guy de Mey; Baritone [Caiaphas ?]: Gunter Burzynski
Peter Kiral (Theorbo); Miklós Spányi (Harpsichord); Ilse L. Herbert (Viola da Gamba); György Janzsó (Double Bass); Dezso Karasszon (Organ); Imre Mohl (Bassoon)

Hungaroton: SLPD-12734-36.
Hungaroton HCD-12734-36
Brilliant Classics 92033-1/3

Aug 14-24, 1985

3-LP / TT:
3-CD / TT: 149:30
3-CD / TT: 149:30
4-CD / TT: 209:19

Recorded at The Savaria Museum, Szombathely, Hungary.
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Hungaroton LP:
Brilliant 3-CD: |
Brilliant 4-CD: | | | | | | | | | |


Brockes Passion (Händel)


G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48

Barbara Rucha (Conductor)
Hendrik Müller (Stage Director)
Petra Weikert (space and costumes design)

Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester

Tenor [Evangelist]: Dirk Kleinke; Bass [Jesus]: Jonathan de la Paz Zaens; Soprano [Daughter Zion]: Almut Krumbach; Tenor [Petrus]: Assaf Kacholi; Alto [Judas]: Hubert Wild; Soprano [Believing Soul]: Julia Baumeister


Mar 2005

TV Broadcast

Filmed & recorded at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall, Germany.
1st ever staged version of G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48.
Watch on YouTube:
Brockes-Passion: Excerpt [9:18]


G.F. Händel: Brockes-Passion [P-1]

G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48

Georg Hage

Kammerchor Aachener Bachverein / Aachener Bachorchester

Soprano: Gabriele Hierdeis; Tenor: Henning Klocke; Bass: Markus Auerbach

Aachener Bachverein

Apr 10, 2009

2-CD / TT:

Recorded live at St. Michael, Jesuitenstraße, Aachen, Germany.
Source: Aachener Bachvereign


G.F. Händel: Brockes-Passion HWV48 [P-1]


G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48

Marcus Creed

Collegium Vocale Gent / Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin

Tenor [Evangelist]: Hans Jörg Mammel; Bass [Christus]: Sebastian Noack; Soprano [Tochter Zion]: Johannette Zomer; Soprano [Maria]: Sophie Klussmann; Tenor [Petrus]: Colin Balzer; Counter-tenor [Judas]: Alexander Schneider


Apr 10, 2009

TV Broadcast

Filmed & recorded at Filharmonia, Warsaw, Poland.
Watch on YouTube:
Brockes-Passion: Part 1 [6:08] | Part 2 [5:25] | Part 3 [9:31] | Part 4 [5:43] | Part 5 [5:53] | Part 6 [9:08] | Part 7 [3:47] | Part 8 [6:34] | Part 9 [3:25]


G.F. Händel: Brockes-Passion (Fassung von Johann Sebastian Bach) [P-1]


G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48 - after the copy from J.S. Bach

Peter Neumann

Kölner Kammerchor / Collegium Cartusianum

Soprano [Tochter Zion]: Nele Gramß; Soprano [Gläubige Seele]: Johanna Winkel; Mezzo-soprano [Maria]: Elvira Bill; Counter-tenor [Judas]: Jan Thomer; Tenor [Evangelist]: Markus Brutscher; Tenor [Petrus]: James Oxley; Bass: Michael Dahmen; Bass [Jesus]: Markus Flaig

Carus-Verlag 83.428/00

May 17-19, 2009

2-CD / TT: 152:23

Recorded live at St Johann Church, Schaffhausen, Germany.
1st recording on CD of the work based on the copy made by J.S. Bach himself. It is distinguished from the more well-known version by a different text underlay for the opening chorus.
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La Pasión según Brockes (G. F. Haendel) [P-1]


G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48 [54:14]

Sergio Siminovich

Sociedad Haendel de Buenos Aires:
Coro Polifónico Provincial de Santa Fe (Director: Sergio Siminovich) / Camerata Eleuthería (Director: Manuel Marina)

Soprano [Mary, Daughter of Zion, Believing Soul]: Silvana Victoria Guatelli; Counter-tenor Adriano D'Alchimio; Tenor [Evangelist, tenor arias]: Philip Salmon; Baritone [Jesus, baritone aria]: Frank Hermans


Apr 16, 2015

Video / TT:

Recorded & filmed live at Parroquia Santa Rosa de Lima, Las Rosas, Santa Fe, Argentina.
Watch on YouTube:
Brockes-Passion [HD: 54:14]: Part 1 [15:45] + Part 2 [13:22] + Part 3 [17:44] + Part 4 [17:23]

Recordings of Individual Movements


The Stanford Archive Series: Richard Bonelli (Opera Arias & Encores, 1934-1946; Town Hall recital, 1947) [P-1]

G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48: Chi sprezzando (Die ihr Gottes Gnad') [2:51]

Baritone: Richard Bonelli; Ernst Victor Wolff (Piano)

Delos 5502

Feb 5, 1947

2-CD / TT:

Recorded at Town Hall, New York City, New York, USA.
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2-CD: | |
Music Download: | |


The Plymouth Trio Performs J.S. Bach, Mendelssohn [C-1]


G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48: Sünder, Schaut nit Furcht und Zagen [2:08]


The Plymouth Trio

Soprano: Christina Price; Oboe: John Mack; Keyboards: John Herr; Cello: Robert Perry

Crystal Records CD-640


CD / TT: 63:21
MP3 / TT: 63:17

Recorded at Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights & Harkness Chapel of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Recording Engineer & Balance Engineer: Everett Porter.
Buy this album at:
CD (1991): | | | ArkivMusic
Music Download: ClassicsOnline | iTunes


Baroque Christmas Music [CD] [V-4]
Classical Christmas [5-CD]

G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48: Tochter Zion [0:58]

Ludwig Güttler

Ludwig Güttler Brass Ensemble


Laserlight 15276
Laserlight 35890

Early 1990's ?

CD / TT: 63:41
5-CD / TT:

Buy this album at: | [5-CD]


Oxford Church Anthems [C-1]

G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48: Lord, I trust thee [2:20]

Stephen Darlington

Christ Church Cathedral Choir Oxford


Nimbus 5440

May 23-24, 1994

CD / TT: 59:01

Recorded at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, England.
Buy this album at:


Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Arie Antiche [P-1]

G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48: Chi sprezzando [2:26]

Neville Marriner

Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields

Baritone: Dmitri Hvorostovsky
John Constable (Organ, Harpsichord); Elizabeth Kenny (Theorbo)

Philips 456543

Jan 1997

CD / TT: 59:24

Recorded at Henry Wood Hall, London, England.
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Passions-Pasticcio mit Arien von G.F. Händel - Bearbeiter: J.S. Bach [P-1]


Pasticcio Passion, composed of Markus-Passion by F.N. Brauns with insertion of 7 arias from Brockes Passion, HWV 48 by Georg Friedrich Händel

Gerhard Ropeter

Kantorei St. Mauritius Hardegsen / Telemannisches Collegium Michaelstein

Soprano: Dorothee Wohlgemuth; Counter-tenor: Michael Lieb; Tenor: Jörn Lindemann; Bass [Jesus]: Falk Joost; Bass [Arias]: Ralf Grobe

Kantorei St. Mauritius Hardegsen

Mar 8, 2008

2-CD / TT:

Recorded live at St. Mauritius Hardegsen, Germany.
World premiere recording.
Buy this album at: Kantorei St. Mauritius Hardegsen


Little Drummer Boy: Christmas Favorites by the World Renowed Vienna Boys's Choir [Live]

G.F. Handel: Brockes Passion, HWV 48: Tochter Zion [2:58]


Wiener Sängerknaben


Laserlight 12529


CD / TT: 41:34

Buy this album at:

The list of recordings was compiled by Aryeh Oron (November 2008 - August 2015)
Thanks to contributors: William Hoffman (October 2010), David Glenn Lebut Jr. (April 2010)

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