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Cantata BWV 5
Wo soll ich fliehen hin?
Discography - Part 2

Recordings of Individual Movements


J.S. Bach: Soli Deo Gloria Vol. 3

Chorus (Mvt. 1) from Cantata BWV 5 [4:02]

Hans Pflugbeil

Greifswalde Bach Tage Choir / Bach-Orchester Berlin


Baroque Music Club

Late 1950's - Late 1960's ?


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J.S. Bach: Solo-Kantaten und Arien [C-10]


Aria for Tenor (Mvt. 3) from Cantata BWV 5 [5:54]

Peter Schreier

Kammerorchester Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Tenor: Peter Schreier
Silke Uhlig (Flute); Ekkard Hering, Friederike Schmidt (Recorders); Nigel Shore (Oboe da caccia & Oboe); Thorsten Rosenbusch (Violin); Johanna Peters (Viola); Jürgen Reuter (Bassoon); Karl-Heinz Schröter (Cello); Manfred Pernutz (Double-bass); Raphael Alpermann (Organ & Harpsichord)

Philips 442786-2

Aug 1994

CD / TT: 58:50

Recorded at Rundfunkhaus, Berlin, Germany. Recording Producer & Balance Engineer: Ursula Singer; Recording Engineers: Cees Heijkoop, Thijs Hoekstra; Tape Editing: Evert Menting.
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Bach: Organ Works Vol. 2 [O-4]

Chorale (Mvt. 7) from Cantata BWV 5 [0:48]

Organ: Ton Koopman


Sep 1994


Recorded at Grote Kerk, Leeuwarden, Holland.
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Bach Edition Vol. 23 - Chörale / Chorales [C-2]

Chorale (Mvt. 7) from Cantata BWV 5 [0:50]

Nicol Matt

Nordic Chamber Choir / Soloists of the Freiburger Barockorchester


Brilliant Classics / Bayer Records

Jun 1999


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Morimur [C-1]

Chorale (Mvt. 7) from Cantata BWV 5 [1:08]


Hilliard Ensemble

Soprano: Monika Mauch; Counter-tenor: David James; Tenor: John Potter; Baritone: Gordon Jones; Baroque violin: Christoph Poppen


Sep 2000


Recorded at Monastery of St. Gerold, Austria.
See: Morimur - by Hilliard Ensemble
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J.S. Bach: Der Ewigkeit saphirnes Haus [T-1]


Aria for Tenor Ergiesse dich reichlich (Mvt. 3) from Cantata BWV 5 [5:55]
All arranged for harpsichord duo

Le Petit Concert Baroque (Harpsichord Duo)

Chani & Nadja Lesaulnier (Harpsichord Duo)

Fra Bernardo FB-1205172

Oct 2010

CD / TT: 69:00
MP3 / TT: 68:59

Recorded at Kartause Mauerbach, Austria.
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Magnificat - Wäre Heute Morgen Und Gestern Jetzt (If today were tomorrow and yesterday were now) [V-2]


Ballet by Heinz Spoerli to music by J.S. Bach:
Aria for Tenor Ergiesse dich reichlich, du göttliche Quelle (Mvt. 3) from Cantata BWV 5 []

Musical direction: Marc Minkowski
Choreography : Heinz Spoerli
Set design : Peter Schmidt; Lighting : Martin Gebhardt

Le Ballet de l'opéra de Zurich
Le Ballet junior de l'opéra de Zurich
Member of the Internationalen Opernstudio
Orchestra La Scintilla an der Oper Zürich

Tenor: Javier Camarena

Bel Air Classiques BAC-089

Feb 9, 2012

DVD / TT: 73 min

Broadcast live on February, 9, 2012 from the Zürich Opera House on the Channel MEZZO. Ballet created at the Opernhaus Zürich on April 25, 2009.
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Arias for Trumpet and Voice from the Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach [C-1]

All works by J.S. Bach,transcribed for the featured performers and piano by Peter Knudsvig:
Cantata BWV 5: Mvt. 5: Aria for Bass Verstumme, Höllenheer [5:50]

Bass: Jan Opalach; James Thompson (Trumpet); Cherry Tsang (Piano)

ITG Journal CD-23

May 20-24, 2013

CD / TT: 55:24

Performances of selected arias from the cantatas of J.S. Bach that utilize the trumpet in major roles with the vocal soloist as transcribed for the featured performers and piano by Peter Knudsvig. Produced by Peter Knudsvig.
Recorded at Hockett Family Recital Hall, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, USA (recording, mixing and mastering: Alex Perialas, assisted by John Berwick).
This CD is planned for distribution with the March 2014 ITG Journal and is free to all members of the Guild during the 2013-2014 membership year.

The list of recordings was compiled by Aryeh Oron (October 2001 - June 2014)

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