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Deutsche Bachsolisten (Chamber Orchestra)

Founded: 1960 - Germany

Die Deutsche Bachsolisten (= DBS) (The German Bach Soloists) is a world-renowned, Baroque-period instrumental, and occasionally vocal, ensemble group that specializes in performing the works of J.S. Bach, such as the suites for orchestra, the Brandenburg Concertos, the violin concertos, the "Double" Violin Concerto, "Air" (from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D), and the Concerto for Three Harpsichords and Strings in D minor, BWV 1063, among many others. The DBS have also recorded many of Bach's cantatas. However, the group has also recorded works such as Georg Philipp Telemann's Trumpet Concerto in D major, Adagio, the Concerto for two horns & orchestra in E flat, Adagio, composed by Joseph Fiala, and several violin concertos by Mozart. They have also played Domenico Scarlatti's Stabat Mater. This shows that although the ensemble does not stick to purely Bach performances, it does stay mostly within the confines of the Baroque period.

The DBS have also recorded well-known works that have become famous to the average musical audience by being used in films, such as Sinfonia concertante for violin, viola, and orchestra in E flat major, K. 364, Allegro Maestoso Fanfare, by Mozart, as played in the film Amadeus, and J.S. Bach's Violin Concerto No. 2 in E major, BWV 1042, Allegro Assai, as portrayed in the film Love Story. Many of the DBS' recordings are on the Laserlight budget label, although recordings can also be found on Philips. Most of the group's recordings are found on compilation CD's of various artists. The ensemble is quite excellent in the renditions of the types of music that it performs, and appeals to most audiences who love Baroque and similar period music.

German conductor and oboist, Helmut Winschermann, founded the chamber orchestra, DBS, in 1960. He was a professor at the Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik, Detmold College of Music, and in 1995 became an honorary member of the Royal Academy of London. However, he has continued his post as conductor of the DBS ever since its founding. With Winschermann conducting, the ensemble, which consists of professional players mostly from Germany, has performed steadily on several continents throughout the years.

Occasionally, guest conductors have stood in Helmut Winschermann's place, such as German conductor Wolfgang Gönnenwein, who has led several choirs and ensembles in Stuttgart. Also, conductor Klaus Martin Ziegler has made some recordings with the chamber ensemble.

Source: All Music Guide (Author: Sylvia Typaldos)
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Recordings of Bach Cantatas & Other Vocal Works




Wilhelm Ehmann


BWV 4, BWV 36, BWV 37, BWV 64, BWV 76, BWV 182

Wolfgang Gönnenwein


BWV 29, BWV 135, BWV 243a

Erich Hübner


BWV 84 [w/ soprano Ursula Buckel]

Helmut Kählhofer


BWV 61, BWV 132

Kurt Thomas


BWV 23, BWV 159

Klaus Martin Ziegler


BWV 68, BWV 172

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